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IML Trend in The Yogurt Market in The World



IML in full is “In Mold Labeling”. IML is defined as the technique whereby a preprinted polypropylene (PP) is placed in a mold. The mold will be the shape of the end product, which is the container of yogurt. In Mold Labeling can simply be defined as the process through which the yogurt cup manufactures give the plastic yogurt containers their mold-labels and package.

IML container is used for food and dairy packaging, which is the last stage of food production. More and more yogurt enterprises use IML containers because the innovation is a source of motivation to them and their customers to purchase the yogurt. Yogurt cup manufacturers use IML containers to ensure that their products stand out. IML containers are vital for food and dairy industry because the container does not only ensure that the product is contained properly to avoid spoiling, but it is also beautifully made to attract customers.

There are many advantages with plastic yogurt containers which are:

1. It successfully solves labeling problem. This is because yogurt manufactures rely on In Mold Labeling as the only product that is resistant to moisture, scratching and chemicals.
2. IML container is anti-fake, with a clean and fresh look. IML yoghurt containers are hygienic. The materials used to make the yogurt cup are light-weight, but sturdy and they will keep the yogurt from spoiling. The container is as well appealing for the marketability of the product.
3. Total quality because the offset technique employed ensures high-resolution images. IML labeling as well allows you to decorate all the sides of the yogurt cup with a single label.
4. IML yogurt containers are recyclable, thus they are environmentally friendly.
5. The containers are also strong because they are able to resist humidity and also strong changes in temperature; they are resistant to scratches, cracks and they are not vulnerable to wrinkles. IML comes as a solution for the production of frozen yogurt tubs.

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