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Honokage IML Containers

Honokage is continuously exploring new packaging technologies to enhance functionality,
convenience, and aesthetics. Our goal is to make people’s lives better and better.

Honokage IML Containers

Honokage IML plastic containers have exquisite appearance, beautiful atmosphere, durable wear resistance, increase the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting, simplify the manual operation of labeling, and improve production efficiency.
The common IML food grade packaging containers include butter container, ice cream container, plastic drink cup, yogurt container, biscuit container, plastic dip tub.Daily IML products has flower basket,goods shelf,coating packing,cosmetics, shampoo, body wash,wet tissue box.Chemicals include paint buckets and fertilizer buckets.

IML Container Product Advantage

Good Decorative Effect

Good decorative effect, IML plastic container can achieve exquisite and high-definition patterns and colors, making the product more attractive and recognizable.

High Anti-Counterfeiting

Due to the particularity  process of IML container, it can better prevent counterfeit and protect the brand’s own products, providing consumers with a better experience.

Strong Durability

The integration of IML container mold manufacturing, labels, and products makes it difficult to scratch or wear, ensuring clear and beautiful images for a long time.

Wide Application

Because of the food safety and diverse shapes of IML containers, they are gradually replacing traditional packaging containers.

IML Container Material

IML container labeling materials are made of BOPP and are divided into single-layer film (orange peel label) and two-layer film composite (composite label). Injection materials mainly use PP materials, as well as PE, ABS, PS and other materials.

All materials used have food certification, are safe and reliable, and can pass other third-party certifications.

IML Container Technology

IML (In-Mold Labeling) refers to the plastic container during the injection molding process, the IML is grabbed by the labeling equipment and affixed to the inner surface of the mold, and integrated with the outer wall of the container during injection molding.

It can realize fully automatic production, integrating automatic feeding, automatic labeling, automatic visual inspection, and online automatic packaging into one production system.

IML Container Quality

IML food packaging containers have extremely high quality requirements due to their direct contact with food, and their production environment is demanding.The raw materials and labeling have passed FDA testing and other third-party food grade certifications.

Honokage IML food packaging containers are equipped with a perfect GMP workshop production environment, which has strict control of temperature, humidity, cleanliness and more.

A class 10,000 microbiology laboratory and a double-person purification workstation are used for regular microbial cultivation and monitoring of workshop cleanliness, ensuring the sterility and purity of IML food packaging containers.

Why Choose Honokage as Your IML Container Service Provider

Honokage IML containers manufacturing service provider, after 20 years of development, in the IML container manufacturing has a set of technology and experience. At honokage, we are dedicated to the manufacturing of iml containers,including margarine containers, ice cream containers, dips tubs ,plastic drink cups, yogurt cups, and biscuit containers.

All honokage production processes strictly adhere to the BRC and ISO9001 quality management systems, as well as the ISO14001 environmental management system, honokage IML containers are qualified by FDA. We have heard positive feedback from customers regarding the quality of our products, and have established long-term partnerships with internationally renowned brands such as Nestle, Mondelez, and L’Oréal.

Honokage continues to attract new clients and the business volume has been increasing year by year, driven by continuous research and innovation, making it a leader in the IML industry. If you want to know more about honokage iml products, please send email consultation!

Honokage IML Container Mold Manufacturing

Honokage IML containers mold team has more than 20 members to provide strong mold support,including product design, 3D prototyping, mold design, mold manufacturing, mold maintenance, and product development.

● Mold life of more than 5 million mold times

● Mold measurement accuracy of up to 0.002mm

● Our 16-cavity mold allows for a production cycle of just 6 seconds

● Advanced equipment manufactured in Germany and world-class mold manufacturing technology

Honokage can quickly turn around 3D printed prototypes based on confirmed drawings, which helps speed up the approval process for appearance, capacity, and size. After final approval from the customer, our experts can quickly complete the mold drawings and DFM.

We utilize the most advanced IML containers mold manufacturing technology. The reduction in overall lead times helps speed up the development process, even to meet any fast-track requirements to complete IML container orders.

OEM& ODM for Honokage IML Container

Biodegradable Containers

The biodegradable IML container developed by our company not only can the container be decomposed in a specific environment, but also the label in IML container can be decomposed into environmentally friendly components in a specific environment, so that its products can achieve sustainable development and make further contributions to human progress.

IML Container Technical Patent

IML (In-Mold Labeling) technology is a technology that integrates the printed label with the plastic container through the mold. This technology enhances the decorative effect of the product surface, with clear textures, realistic colors, and a strong 3D visual impact.

IML containers are  wear resistance and scratch resistance , ensuring that the label is not easy to fall off or damage and it can reduce the secondary processing of plastic products and environmental pollution.

The container produced by IML technology has good decorative effect, clear texture, bright color and better visual effect.Since the container and the label are inlaid together, the label is not easy to deform and wear. And can be 100% recycled, will not pollute the environment to achieve economic sustainable use.

IML High Barrier Containers

Honokage has independently developed high barrier IML containers, which can effectively block the penetration of gas, water, providing a reliable guarantee for the quality and preservation of your products. Honokage IML high barrier containers are widely used in dairy products.

IML Container Food Packaging Manufacturing Service Provider

After 27 years of development, honokage has become the leader of IML  packaging container suppliers.

  • Become the leader of IML industry.Coles and Woolworths have adopted our IML container solutions,reduced their packaging purchase costs by 30%!

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Inquiry About IML

What is orange peel label?

Orange peel labeling is a single layer film, the ink is printed directly on the BOPP material, the label made of products in the mold cooling, the label will show the phenomenon of “orange peel”, referred to as “orange peel” phenomenon and named.

Can IML container colors be customized?

Yes, they can.

Can your factory open molds?

Yes, they can.

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