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Types of Plastic Containers

Our plastic containers also cover paint buckets, coatings boxes, garden products,
baby products, daily household products and electronic products.

Honokage Types of Plastic Containers

With more than 20 years of experience in plastic container and electronic plastic parts, Honokage has extensive experience in all aspects of plastics. Honokage has a wide range of business, including in-mold labeling plastic containers, traditional plastic containers, drink cup lids, paint buckets, coatings boxes, garden baskets, baby products and more.

Other Types of Plastic Containers

  • Honokage independently developed and designed unique paint buckets, coatings boxes with good quality and good resistance to impact and leakage.

  • Plastic Garden Pot

    Whether it is flower pots for family balconies or large-scale garden planters, we can make and provide solutions.

  • Plastic Storage Boxes

    We also offer plastic storage boxes for household items and the placement of plastic boxes for office documents.

  • Plastic Storage Cabinet

    Our storage cabinets are designed to meet your specific needs and preferences, can store cosmetics, clothing and so on, better protection items and effectively prevent dust.

  • Baby Plastic Products

    Whether you require storage for baby food containers, children’s toys, stationery, or any other items, Honokage has got FDA certified, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

  • Wet Tissue Storage Box and Plastic Lunch Box

    Honokage makes different shapes of wet wipe boxes and lunch boxes,  manufactured by IML process, clear and durable,not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly popular among consumers.

  • Electronic Products

    Honokage has been producing electronic products for decades with extensive experience. For specific products please send email consultation.

The Use Of Plastic Containers

Liquid Packaging

Liquid packaging is used for packaging decoration products such as paint, coatings, wine and drinks.


Proper placement of plants, flower pots, and other gardening items in the garden, balcony, and other areas.

Home Office

Home and office plastic containers are used for storing food, items, toys, shoes, and other daily household items.

Children’s Food

Children’s supplementary food boxes are used for packaging baby food, with safe and reliable products.

Why Choose Honokage as Your Manufacturing Service Provider

Honokage diversity  types of plastic containers are independent research and innovative design. Honokage constantly iterates and upgrades through material research and development to promote the use of environmentally friendly new materials and enhance market competitiveness.

GMP Demonstration Workshop

With intelligent manufacturing demonstration workshop, fully automatic in-mold labeling production line, CCD visual inspection and automatic stacking packaging, honokage plastic container quality control and packaging escort, fully demonstrate the strength and achievements of IML plastic container industry.

Honokage Location & Plastic Container Market

Our company is located in Longchi Taiwan Investment Zone, Jiaomei Town, Zhangzhou, on the west bank of Xiamen, China. It only takes 15 minutes to drive from the dock and 30 minutes from the airport,which is convenient for the export transportation of plastic containers.

Honokage plastic container market is widely distributed in more than 30 countries and regions around the world,with 45% in the North American market, 10% in the European market, 25% in the Australian market, and a total of 20% in the Chinese and other markets.

Honokage Plastic Container Storage Space

Honokage has specialized storage space for food grade plastic containers and industrial products. Our facilities include separate areas for  food grade plastic containers, which strictly adhere to BRC food safety requirements, ensuring a safe and independent storage environment.

We also have designated spaces for industrial products, ensuring that all goods are stored securely and effectively.

At Honokage, our core values are innovation, professionalism, integrity, and harmony. We strive for excellence in every plastic containers we handle, ensuring that we deliver high-quality and high-standard services to our clients.

We are committed to delivering on time and never delaying, ensuring that your plans run smoothly.

Honokage's Featured Plastic Containers

Mondelez Children's Biscuit Barrel Plastic Containers

Screw lid designed according to children’s toy labeling requirements, using IML labeling method.

Wine Barrel Plastic Containers

Contains anti-leakage design, can be used to hold liquid products such as wine and yogurt.

Plastic Containers for Pet Food

Pet insect breeding box with ventilation holes, snap-on Design, using IML labeling method.

Honokage Plastic containers Supplier

Honokage – Always with You, Worthy of Your Trust!

  • Honokage plastic container material is high quality, exquisite workmanship, diverse design, exports to more than 30 countries around the world, welcome in the global market.
    Honokage plastic container has reliable quality, comply with global and international standards, and are equipped with various relevant certifications to provide you with a good plastic container solution.

Inquiry About Plastic Containers

Can plastic containers of various shapes be made?

Yes, they can.

Are plastic containers 100% recyclable?

Yes, it’s recyclable.

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