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Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, located in Fujian Longhai jiaomei Taiwan Investment Zone industrial park , we provide one-stop service from material research and development, product design, mold manufacturing and injection molding production to finished product assembly for customer .The company has 7000 square meters of GMP workshop, adopts intelligent water, electricity and gas control system,and introducted a full-automatic labeling production line from Germany,CCD visual inspection and automatic packaging system,we offer comprehensive solutions to customers in thin-wall mold design and manufacturing,as well as in-mold labeling technology . Our company has passed ISO9001/14001 quality and environmental system certification, BRC, HACCP system certification.

Our core products are in-mold labeling food thin-wall containers, mainly used for food packaging,including ice cream containers, butter containers ,biscuit boxes, yogurt cups and more,with 27 years of experience in mold manufacturing and injection molding production as well as high quality service,we have gained high recognition from the world’s top customers such as Nestle, Mondelēz , Lactalis, Hershey’s, Tongrentang, Walmart, Woolworth, COSCO and others.

Milestones of Honokage

Founded by Mr Huang Zhentian
Expanded the plant workshop from 6,700 to 30,000 square meters
Auchan factory audit and the BSCI certificate
Automatic stacking system, started business with Nestle
New warehouse with expanded area of 14,000 square meters, imported MES production control system and built Good- Manufacturing-Pratice(GMP) workshop
Started business with New Hope, TipTop Ice Cream
Start business with Wilmar International, UK Display, and Much Moore Ice Cream

Technological Innovation

Technological innovation is the key driving force behind the development of any enterprise. Honokage has invested a lot of resources and energy in technological innovation.

Honokage has a professional R&D and mold design team with extensive experience and technical,can provide customized solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Honokage has an ERP and MES production management system,and also introduced full-automatic intelligent manufacturing equipment imported from Germany.Through automated and intelligent production methods,not only enhance production efficiency but also maintain stable and reliable product quality.

Honokage always adhere to customer demand-oriented,constantly innovating to provide customers with better services.This is a strong driving force for its continuous development.

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Design Process

1.Product desgin
make drawing according to customers concept(this is Honokage’s own product for reference.)

It will take around 3-7days to make the prototypes

3.Trial mold
Normal trial mold tooling time is 30days

4.Production mold
It will take around 45-60days for mass production mold

5.Labels set up
10days for labels printing plate make, this can be at the same time with molds making

6.Material preparation+Produce
For first order the normal lead time is 30days, for urgent order it can be 10day

Our advantage

About us 012
Honokage has excellent design capabilities with independent research and development of the industry's top technology, accurately translate customers’ concepts or ideas into reality .
On the basis of strict adherence to customer specifications and quality standards, Honokage designs in-deep to improve production efficiency and create greater value for customers.
Honokage can quickly complete the 3D printing prototype according to the confirmed drawings. When the customer confirms the design of the product.
Honokage will immediately complete the mold drawing design and DFM analysis, and verify the rationality of the mold design with the help of mold flow analysis software.
We reduce the overall lead time, and then speed up the development process and are able to meet a variety of fast track requirements, ensuring that customers' projects move forward efficiently.
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With a dedicated team of interior material experts, Honokage can provide creative and practical material solutions to meet customer needs.
We have achieved major breakthroughs in the development and application of high barrier materials and degradable molding materials, providing customers with better and more innovative material choices to help customers achieve greater success in their projects.

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