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Quality Department

Our company is equipped with perfect quality control process, and the production process of each iml product is strictly controlled, which can ensure the quality of products.

Our Quality Control Flow Chart

Dust Level Test

Honokage quality department will regularly test the dust level of the dust-free workshop, they used a variety of methods, such as light scattering method and microscope counting method, to accurately measure and evaluate the concentration of suspended particles in the air in the dust-free workshop.

Dust grades are presented in a specific particle size range and the number of particles per unit volume, following the international standard ISO 14644. These tests are undoubtedly of great significance to the normal operation of the dust-free workshop and product quality control. As soon as it is found that the critical point is approaching, the return air filtration replacement process is started immediately to ensure that the dust-free workshop is always in the best condition.

Microbiological Test

1. Honokage  in-mold labeling dust-free workshop collects samples of air, product surface, workbench and equipment in direct contact with the product and other samples, a variety of methods, such as culture method and direct microscopy method, were used for weekly detection to accurately detect the types and quantities of microorganisms.

2.Regular professional training of testers to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge and skills to accurately operate and correctly interpret test results.

3.In terms of quality control, standard strains and other means are used to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test method. Finally, in-depth analysis of the test data is also carried out, and the corresponding ozone sterilization measures are quickly taken once the data indicators are close to the standard critical point, so as to ensure that the dust-free workshop always maintains a clean environment and high-quality product quality.

Dust-free Workshop Staff Makeup

The personnel shall dress clean and tidy up in the rolling brush area before starting the packaging , hair should be attached with a hair band, and the hair must not be exposed, and do not wear diamond-studded particles into clean dust.

Honokage Regular Training of Professional Knowledge for Employees

1. Foreign body control training
2. Quality assurance training
3. Customer abnormal complaint training
4. Professional and technical training

Product Appearance Defects Control

1. Serious defects occur in the product, endangering personal safety and health.
2. The product has major defects, loss of main functions, affect the service life of the product, affect the product sales.
3. Slight defects in the product, color difference, spots, scratches, shrinkage, etc., will not affect product sales.

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