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Different Packaging for Different Margarine Butter



Everything You Want To Know About Butter, Margarine & The Importance Of Their Separate Plastic Butter Containers!


Exact meaning of Butter &Margarine
The exact meaning of Butter can be summarized as–An edible fatty ingredient, which is made by stirring/whipping (termed as churning process) milk/cream and can be used in cooking or as a spread! And, the exact meaning of Margarine can be summarized as butter substitute – A harmonized mixture of vegetable fats OR animal fats OR Both’! The containers manufactured under the In-Mold Labeling process not only gives an excellent quality but also with an impeccable butter &margarine packaging design showing all the ingredients in detail!

Exact Meaning of Vegan Butter &Margarine
Vegan Butter–As the name suggests it is the milk extract, which is completely vegetarian. The truest vegan butter is considered to be the one that is produced from the milk of cows. The thickest heavy cream of the cow’s milk is stirred by the churning process to get the vegan butter. In the market, there are thousands of brands offering Vegan Butter. Most of the vegan butter brands do not contain any kind of Trans fatty substances nor are they blended with preservatives and hydrogenated oils as their fattening ingredients. Margarine–Is the butter substitute! It can be prepared with the help of animal/vegetable fats separately or mixed together as well! In order to make it healthy usage of Agave & Omega are used to harden Margarine instead of hydrogen!

Comparison between Vegan Butter &Margarine
When you compare Vegan Butter &Margarine you cannot ignore its production methodology. Vegan butter is a dairy product, which is produced by the milk churning process. It does not contain any kind of animal fat! But Margarine is not a dairy product and contains animal fat or vegetable fat or both! Some brands may include whey or lactose while preparing margarine. Vegan butter container prints the fat contents and it falls into the category of low fat butter &margarine container also prints its fat contents, which is on the higher side when compared with vegan butter.

Comparison between Butter &Margarine
Though the utility factor of both–Butter &Margarine–is similar there is definitely the difference between these two and the main factor that sets them apart is the Fat Contents present in them. Butter is a dairy product derived by the churning process of milk. It can also be made from the milk of goat, yak, sheep or buffalo. Whilst, Margarine is not considered as a dairy product! It is a butter substitute. Traditionally it was derived from the animal fat, but today the main contents are water, salt, emulsifiers, vegetable oil and sometimes milk as well! The fat contents are clearly printed on the containers of vegan butter & margarine packaging!

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