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Butter Containers

Honokage IML butter containers with lid come in a variety of shapes, such as square, oval, round, or custom shapes, with 150ml,250ml,300ml,500ml,900ml and other sizes to meet the needs of various aesthetic and use scenarios in the market.

Manufactured with IML technology, the unique design and clear and attractive label of the container are not easily worn out, which enhances the brand value. This type of packaging can attract customer attention and leave a deep impression.

Honokage Best Butter Storage Containers

The  plastic butter container is made with IML technology for labeling, and the label can be replaced.












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Airtight Butter Containers Application

The Use of IML Containers in Butter Packaging

IML plastic containers are widely used in butter packaging due to their attractive decorative effect and support low or high volume production. Additionally, IML butter plastic containers are high cost-effective and more economic sustainability.


Honokage butter plastic containers have great flexibility and innovation in custom design. With our professional design and manufacturing capabilities, honokage team can create unique and brand of IML butter plastic packaging according to your concept and needs.

Biodegradable Butter Container

Through continuous technological efforts, honokage has independently developed biodegradable butter packaging containers. Not only the butter plastic containers can be decomposed in specific environments, labels on the containers can also be decomposed in specific environments.

Understanding Your Requirements

Let honokage business team understand your needs and requirements, and make a solution that fits your product packaging in the first place.
● Your production line packaging needs
● Container specifications and shape
● Special storage and testing requirements
● Product decoration requirements

Container Design and Discussion

After understanding your specific needs, the honokage research and development team began to draw CAD sketches to show the container that fits your butter packaging. If you have samples or sketches, you can provide them directly to honokage so that the university can complete the design more quickly.

Free 3D Sample Printing

After the drawing design is completed and confirmed, honokage engineering team will provide you with a free 3D sample printing service, allowing you to directly experience the 1:1 real sample effect. If you need to confirm the size coordination effect with your existing canning equipment, you can order a small batch of 3D samples for testing.

Experimental and Mass Production Mold Manufacturing

Once all tests have been passed, honokage will begin mold manufacturing to produce a suitable mold size that meets your butter container requirements.

A New Packaging Solution is Born

Your new IML butter packaging container will be produced according to your requirements and deliver to you after inspection.

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Inquiry About IML Butter Container

What is IML butter packaging container?

IML butter packaging container refers to a container where the promotional artwork is adhered to the surface during the injection molding process, resulting in a smooth and vibrant colored container.

Can butter containers be stored for fridge?

Yes,butter container with lid can well store your contents in refrigerator.

Is IML butter packaging container sustainable?

IML butter packaging containers are made from food grade PP material and can be directly recycled without the need to remove the outer label.

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