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What is IML?

In-mold labeling is referred to as IML
In-mold labeling, or IML, is a process where a label is integrated into the plastic container during the injection molding process. The label is grabbed by a mechanical arm and affixed to the inner surface of the mold.The inner surface of the label is integrated with the outer wall of the container,and the outer printing surface is smooth, which can maintain a good label printing effect.
IML has been widely used in food and chemical industry.Especially for food packaging products, in-mold labeling is widely favored by consumers for its protective, functional and decorative trinity characteristics.

How many materials are marked inside the mold?

The labeling material in the mold is BOPP, which is divided into single-layer film (orange peel label) and two-layer film composite (composite label), The composite label further has two variations:composite light and composite matte, which is the most commonly used labeling material in the market.

How many types of in-mold labeling printing process and the difference between each type of process?

There are three main printing processes: gravure printing, offset printing, and flexographic printing.
Gravure printing is used to achieve bright colors, high saturation, and excellent visual effects.
Offset printing is performed using a lithographic printing press and is suitable for efficient printing of simple color layouts.
Flexographic printing is carried out using a flexographic printing press and is suitable for printing with rich color layers and tactile effects.

The main development process of IML containers?

1. Product design (customers provide drawings or our company is responsible for design);

2. Manual sample confirmation (sample time 3-5 days);

3.Mold confirmation (mold time 30-60 days);

4. Label pattern confirmation;

5. Provide confirmation of trial mold products.

Labeling development process?

1. We provide the tool drawing according to the confirmed box type

2. The customer designs the pattern in the tool drawing

3. Confirm drawings and provide digital confirmation

4. Confirm plate making (plate making + proofing time 15 days)

5. Paste scale production (mass production time 15 days)

Paste color confirmation?

There are three labeling color confirmation schemes:
1. Use digital drafts for confirmation. Once the plate is confirmed, a paper digital draft can be provided to confirm the color. The printing will be adjusted according to the digital draft.

2. Remote confirmation, you can see the color through online video or provide on-site printed photos.

3. Check the color on site.

How to confirm the designed product when the mold is not opened?

1. Manual sample confirmation can be made according to the confirmed design drawings, through which the filling capacity can be actually tested, as well as the cooperation with the filling equipment.

2. The experimental model confirms that 1 hole products can be made with low-cost solutions, and small-scale production can be used for production testing.

Do you have your own mold design and mold opening ability?

Our company has its own independent mold manufacturing workshop, with the ability of mold design and mold manufacturing,the workshop is equipped with 6 mold processing centers and three-dimensional testing equipment,and specially employs two Australian mold design consultants with more than 20 years of thin-wall mold design experience.

What product testing capabilities does the company have?

For the production of raw materials according to the United States FDA or GB 4806.7 standard can provide third-party test reports, while the factory is equipped with microbiology laboratory, real-time online product microbial testing. The laboratory can also provide product high and low temperature testing,ink adhesion testing, dishwasher testing,packaging and transportation testing.

How is the quality control of the product?

Equipped with GMP production workshop for product production, the application of BRC and QS system standards require the entire production process, Products and raw materials through the United States FDA testing requirements,we utilize CCD visual inspection system to achieve automatic production.

The production capacity of the company and the type of injection molding machine?

The factory has more than 60 injection molding machines, including 40 fully automatic IML production systems. The main injection molding machine for Demag and Haitian models, high plastic injection molding machine tonnage from 200T to 530T,this allows us to complete a variety of specifications and sizes of product processing. We have equipped with Singapore brand automatic labeling manipulator and online visual inspection system.

Our storage capacity?

To provide customers with 3 months of raw material reserve, can ensure the stability of product production and reliable delivery time.At the same time, the factory has 25,000 square meters of storage space that meets the requirements of the BRC system, which can meet the reserves of customer orders.

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