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Over the years, we have always adhered to the independent research and development of professional custom mold labeling packaging containers. Through continuous research and development and innovation, we have made remarkable achievements in design ability, research and development ability, and the application of materials.

In the product structure, function, appearance, etc.,honokage obtain a total of 72 invention and utility model patents.Our equipment scale and production capacity have been highly recognized by well-known global brands such as Nestle, Mondelez, Lantris, and Hershey, which is the result of our efforts and a testament to our strength.


Honokage Packaging Design

We have an experienced R & D design team, they start from consultation, carefully conceived and laid out until the product is completed. In this process, the team is always committed to providing the client with a variety of possibilities and in-depth research on how to achieve the best advertising results. With their professional knowledge and skills, they provide customers with a full range of support and services to meet customer needs.


Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging is of great significance in this day and age, especially in the field of pet care. According to the survey, 75% of consumers are more inclined to choose brands with more sustainable packaging.

Our thin-wall technology #1: The wall thickness can reach an amazing 0.38mm, which not only saves a lot of materials, but also reduces costs.

IML technology #2: The plastic parts of the same material are perfectly combined with the plastic label to become a whole, and 100% recyclable, fully reflecting the concept of environmental protection.

Biodegradable #3: Both containers and IML labels use biodegradable materials to contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

We will continue to be committed to the development and application of environmentally friendly packaging, to provide consumers with greener and more sustainable products, to promote the development and progress of the industry.



Good Manufacturing Environment (GMP)

With 7,000 square meters of GMP workshop, we are able to ensure the most stringent hygiene control measures are implemented.
We strictly follow the guidelines of good manufacturing practice,ensure hygiene safety and completely eliminate the risk of contamination.We provide our customers with the quality products they really need, so that customers can feel at ease.

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