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Since its establishment in 1997,

Henglong Plastic provides manufacturing and related services in product design, tooling,

project management, Injection moulding technologies offered include over moulding,

insert moulding, and in mould labelling and plastic injections.

Trusted Supplier

In mold labels has over 6 years of experience in offset-printing labels on polypropylene for injection moulding. In-depth understanding of materials, research and quality control has made Honokage a world leader among IML label suppliers.

Team Profile

Our leadership team averages over 25 years of industry experience and technical expertise that is further enhanced by an intimate knowledge of key market trends and your needs.


Knowledgable packaging professionals who listen, develop products, and service your needs and share our knowledge and experience so you can benefit from our insights, not only to improve the efficiency in production but also to optimize the emotional characteristics of your packaging solutions.

Global Standards

A certified quality management and compliance with all current hygiene and food standards guarantee maximum product safety. All products are produced in our production plant accredited with BRC Global Standards.

IML Technology

IML labeling is a revolutionary new system for customising plastic packaging – a method that stands out for the way it successfully solves labelling problems, with a clean, fresh look and total quality, as the label is perfectly integrated into the product pack itself. 

When starting up an IML project it is important to not only inform the label suppliers about the final objective of the project, but also the other partners that are involved, such as the process machine, mould and automation partners. Exchanging the production parameters between all partners helps you to make each IML project a success!

The labels are made from PP film which is an excellent medium for high resolution and photo-realistic image reproduction. Labels could be chosen between matt or high-gloss, partially-transparent or fully printed, smooth or textured surfaces; it is also possible to fully or partially cover the pack.

The in-mold labels follow the contour of the molded part and may also extend over several sides of the container. Depending on the foil structure, these large-area labels can also act as a barrier layer that increases the durability of the contents of the package.

Main Features:

Shape versatility

All-surface branding, even the bottom.


Moisture- and temperature-resistant.


Moulding and finishing in one process. No need for secondary packaging.


Friendly inks and coatings, recycling of identical basic materials.


Fully automated controlling using a camera system.

Image Quality

High definition image

Main Markets

 Through research and development, we invest in this technological improvements to provide you new product solutions and advanced mold technologies.  Here are our main markets using IML technologies.

Ice Cream Containers
Biscuit Containers
Cup&Bottle Containers

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