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Why Most Of The Food Processing Tycoons Prefer Injection Molding (IML) Processed Containers Over Thermoforming Processed Containers?



The current market more and more of the thermoforming is replaced by injection molding(IML)

Why Most Of The Food Processing Tycoons Prefer Injection Molding (IML) Processed Containers Over Thermoforming Containers?

A recent study in the Food Processing Industry has confirmed that the Thermoforming process is getting outdated & is replaced by the futuristic Injection Molding (IML) process, for the manufacturing of various containers because of the incomparable IML advantages!Before going into the advantages of Injection Molding (IML) processed containers over Thermoforming containers, it is advisable to understand the exact meaning of both the processes–

Injection Molding Process–Pellets/granules (of your choice) are used to obtain the molten plastic. This molten plastic is compressed into the split-die mold. After cooling, the mold is opened and the desired container is ejected.

Thermoforming Process–A traditional method of preheating a plastic sheet inside a mold is undertaken. This is possible by pressure, vacuum or a direct mechanical force.


Quality–Undoubtedly IML processed containers administer the utmost detailing print on the container. Even the advent is highly attractive when compared with Thermoformed Container!

Double Side Labeling–With respect to the Injection Molding, it is possible to completely control double sided 3-Dimentional mold. But in the case of Thermoforming, a single sided process is possible. In short, it means that only one side of the sheet can be controlled with the help of tool surface!

Cost per Unit–Drastic reduction in cost per unit is possible in case of an injection mold. This is highly beneficial during the season period when various types of containers, ice cream containers & biscuit boxes are in full demand. Whereas, Thermoforming process fails to offer lowest per piece cost irrespective of its lower mold cost.

Variable Thickness–Injection Molding fully allows the variable thickness within one single part, but in the case of Thermoforming, this utility is absolutely limited!

Parts Flexibility–Creating small parts with the minimum merger are possible concerning Injection Molding whereas there are severe limitations in the case of Thermoforming process!

Complex Designs–It is possible to create very complicated designs with precise detailing in the Injection Molding process, whereas Thermoforming cannot shoulder this small detail responsibility.

Large batch Production–The perfection beyond any option concerning the large production of the containers is the Injection Molding process, whereas Thermoforming process cannot deliver large output at the lower cost.

Choice–Color combination with respect to Injection Molding is far more than Thermoforming options; hence it is preferred by almost all the multi-national companies.

Conclusion – Hence, without any doubt Injection Molding is overtaking the traditional Thermoforming process. The main aim of any business is to increase the profits, and if you manufacture your ice cream container, butter container, iml dairy packaging, cheese container, coffee cup, biscuit box with the help of the latest Injecting Molding Process, your profitability is definitely increased!

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