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Demag High-Speed Injection Molding Machine

Honokage has 60 sets of automatic IML technology labeling machines, integrating high-speed injection molding, automatic labeling, automatic detection, automatic stacking packaging and other functions in one, which is a model of fully automated intelligent manufacturing. Daily production of more than 2 million sets of IML labeling products, to meet the capacity of mass delivery.


Automatic Feeding Machine

The large automatic feeding machine configured by the company is composed of central console, drying hopper, dehumidifier, proportioning machine, electric eye hopper and many other accessories. The equipment can complete a number of tasks such as raw material feeding, color matching, metering ratio, dehumidification and drying, energy saving and environmental protection at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the equipment cost, and brings many advantages to the enterprise, making it more competitive in the market competition.


Automatic Packaging Machine

Automatic packaging machine is a highlight of the production line, products in the production line directly stacked into packing bag by the machine automatically, effectively avoiding contact with dust and foreign matter. This packaging equipment, with its high efficiency, automation and significant advantages of saving human resources, continues to promote the continuous development and progress in the field of production.


Mold Making Machine

Honokage is committed to independent research and development of professional mold customization services, with a series of advanced equipment, Such as CNC Center, Engraving, EDM, Grinding Machine, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, Lathe, 3D CMM and so on. Mold design and production to achieve integration, not only can save mold opening time and cost, but also greatly improve production efficiency, to meet the various needs of customer, showing excellent technical strength and service level.

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