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Plastic Printed
Milk Tea Cups

Plastic Milk Tea Cup Personalized Customization

Honokage professional wholesale custom plastic milk tea cups, Demag machine mass production, if you have a cup need to customize, we have rich experience in plastic cup design, can meet your different requirements.

Honokage Plastic Printed Milk Tea Cups

Plastic printed milk tea cup with lid for milk tea, juice, drinks, coffee and tea.



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Plastic Printed Milk Tea Cups Application

Honokage Plastic Printed Milk Tea Cup Application

Honokage 500ml plastic milk tea cups can be loaded hot drinks or cold drinks, mouth lid can be operated by automatic capping machine, no manual capping, very convenient for coffee shop.

Degradable Plastic Milk Tea Cup

It can be made of degradable MCDM material, and when the time is reached in a specific environment, the plastic milk tea cup will automatically decompose into harmless substances, which can be used for composting and plant cultivation.


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Inquiry About Plastic Printed Milk Tea Cups

How is plastic printed milk tea cup printed?

Can use dry offset printing simple brand logo or use IML technology labeling method unlimited design and color.

Can I get free samples of plastic printed milk tea cups?

We provide free samples of injection moulded milk tea cups for you.

Can plastic printed milk tea cups be fitted with a blister or injection lid?

Honokage milk tea cups come with special injection lid, of course, the corresponding size of the blister lid can also be used together.

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