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Plastic Food Grade Containers

Plastic food grade containers such as plastic cans, plastic barrels,
and plastic boxes are commonly used for beverages and food.

Plastic Food Grade Containers

Our independent research and development professional design and manufacture of plastic food grade containers in food, beverage, pet food, cosmetics and drugs are involved.A series of plastic food grade containers, such as milk tea cups, coffee cups, juice cups, coffee capsules, plastic barrels, plastic boxes, and medicine jars, among others. We offer a wide variety of styles that can be customized to meet your specific packaging needs.

Types of Plastic Food Grade Containers

  • The plastic printed milk tea cups developed and designed by Honokage are not only sturdy and durable but also fashionable and innovative, making them the perfect match for bubble tea, fruit tea, and creative drinks.

  • Travel Cup

    Plastic food grade travel cups are lightweight and convenient, allowing people to enjoy their favorite drinks anytime, anywhere. The travel cup designed by honokage has excellent material, beautiful appearance, tight seal and heat preservation function.

  • Other Plastic Containers

    Other plastic containers of different shapes, a variety of categories, coffee capsules, takeout soup bowls, water pipes boxes, and plastic buckets, among others.

Application of Plastic Food Grade Containers

Feature Of Plastic Food Grade Containers

Lightweigh and Sturdy

Honokage plastic containers are lightweight and portable, they can be stacked and moderate flexibility, and can bounce back without deformation when subjected to pressure.They can withstand the pressure to protect themselves and the items inside during transportation.

Well Sealed

Honokage plastic food grade containers are equipped with lids, some of which can be covered with film, providing excellent sealing. They can effectively isolate external dust, air, moisture, and other foreign substances, protecting the quality and taste of the items inside the container.

Low Cost

Honokage plastic packaging containers are manufactured using fully automated machinery, allowing for large-scale production and reducing the need for manual labor. This helps to lower production costs, providing benefits and convenience for both businesses and consumers.

Various Styles

Honokage plastic containers have unique shapes and a wide range of styles. You can choose and customize different shapes of packaging containers, providing effective solutions for your food or other products.


Honokage plastic food grade containers are made of PP material, which is safe and reliable.Honokage has a materials research and development department, which can independently produce reusable, recyclable and degradable materials.

Honokage strives to continuously improve the competitive advantage of its own brand, actively introduces the research and development and use of degradable materials, and makes measures in the industry that are beneficial to human beings and the earth, so as to reduce the adverse impact of plastic food-grade containers on the environment, realize the recycling of resources, protect the environment, and promote its own industry to develop in a more green direction.

Honokage Plastic Food Grade Containers Patent Technology

Currently, honokage has 72 patented technologies. These patents serve as our crucial arsenal, encompassing various aspects of plastic food grade containers technology, including material innovation, structural design, and manufacturing processes.

With these patented technologies, we can gain a favorable position in the industry, design packaging containers that better meet market demands, create maximum value for our customers, and drive the technological advancement and development of the entire plastic packaging industry.

Why Choose Honokage as Your Plastic Food Grade Container

Honokage covers an area of 56000 square meters and 7000 square meters of GMP workshop with 63 sets of fully automated machinery, we are well-equipped to handle large-scale production tasks while meeting the highest quality standards.

At Honokage, we take pride in our comprehensive equipment system, which includes a central automatic feeding system and an automatic cooling system, excellent in the production of plastic food grade containers.We are committed to providing you with exceptional service and ensuring your satisfaction.

About Honokage Plastic Food Grade Containers

Honokage plastic food grade containers, using a fully automated production mode, can be large-scale stable production.

After you choose the style and design document, honokage can guarantee the fast completion of plastic food grade containers according to your requirements, ensuring the safe delivery of goods on time. Honokage plastic food grade containers have a variety of styles, and various plastic products can be customized according to demand.

Honokage plastic food grade containers after 20 years, the production process is mature and cost-effective, can meet the needs of large-scale production.In the production process, the quality is strictly controlled, and the product quality is reliable.Processing is relatively simple and can be quickly adjusted and produced according to the different needs of your product.

Honokage has developed its own set of quality control management experience and has been invited to share quality control management experience at the Nestlé Global Asia-Pacific event in 2021 and 2022.

Difference Between Traditional Printing and IML of Plastic Food Grade Containers

Decorative Features

Traditional printing:
In traditional plastic packaging, labels are printed and then applied to the surface of the container. However, due to the limitations of shape and printing, the richness of colors and patterns is limited. As a result, the overall decorative effect is relatively weak and the appearance is rather simplistic.

IML Plastic Packaging Containers:
IML (In-Mold Labeling) technology is used to integrate labels and containers,this enables the creation of exquisite, intricate, and lifelike patterns and colors. Whether it’s the vibrant colors or the overall appearance, IML plastic packaging is visually appealing and offers outstanding decorative effects. It can greatly enhance the attractiveness of the product’s appearance.


Traditional printing:
Labels on traditional plastic packaging containers are usually attached to the surface through printing or other methods, which is easy to wear, scratch, and fade in long-term use, and has general durability.

IML Plastic Packaging Containers:
IML (In-Mold Labeling) plastic packaging containers have labels that are integrated with the container itself.This integration makes them not easy to fall off, wear, fade, scratch, and has better scratch resistance and excellent durability.

Production Efficiency

Traditional printing:
Traditional plastic packaging containers often involve complex processes, including additional printing procedures, which can significantly impact the overall production speed and result in relatively lower production efficiency.

IML Plastic Packaging Containers:
By integrating the label and container during the molding process, IML plastic packaging containers can greatly improve production efficiency by streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing unnecessary steps.

Honokage Packaging Manufacturing Service Provider

As a professional plastic food grade containers manufacturing service provider, Honokage provides high-quality and reliable packaging solutions for the plastic food grade containers industry with its exquisite craftsmanship, advanced technology and high sense of responsibility.

  • Honokage’s Core Values: Innovation, Professionalism, Integrity, and Harmony.

    We strictly follow the BRC, ISO9001, and ISO14001 standards and requirements from raw material selection to every step of the production process to ensure that every  plastic food grade containers meets the quality requirements. With rich industry experience and professional knowledge,  honokage team can customize packaging products that are safe, practical, and tailored to your product’s characteristics and needs.

Inquiry about Plastic Food Grade Containers

Is it possible to stick different types of labels on plastic food grade containers?

Yes,it is.

Can color and size of the plastic food grade containers customized?

Yes, they can.

Can degradable materials for plastic food grade containers?

Yes, they can.

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