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The Largest IML Food Packaging Supplier in China!-Jane



In-Mold Labeling–Our IML technology is considered as the perfection from all the aspects that cannot be improved! Being sturdy not only it protects the product along with its safe transportation, but also gives an enhanced impression to the container because the label becomes the intrinsic part of the container! The latest in mold labeling injection molding technology will completely discard the separate label sticking/applying process because the beautiful and very attractive labels are directly inserted into the container during the manufacturing process of the containers (either by blow molding, injection molding or thermoforming molding)!

The Internet is responsible for reducing the virtual boundaries of the world and made it one single market. One click can give you the list of IML Supplier’s across the world. We are the best Chinese IML food packaging supplier having our IML printing process and R&D department to work on the latest In-mold decorations. We are proud with our expertise options like roll-fed IML, Plastic Packaging Tubes, and Pre-Die Cut because it is our forte!

* Roll-fed Labeling is the widely accepted technology wherein a thinner gauge film is used to reduce the cost without affecting the elegance of the container/final product.
* Our latest Innovations in IML Printing Process & Injection Molding are Ultra-gloss IML, Mock-up IML, Matt IML, Peelable IML, Metallic IML, Barrier IML & Double-sided IML. Each technology is the most versatile packaging solutions available with us when used for the correct product combinations!

Our Research & Development team continually enhances our In-Mold Labeling methodology and Injection Molding process to derive at the superior IML Printing Process. We always work on the innovation that has made us the number one Chinese IML Supplier! Our R&D technology provides our clients with all the IML solutions that can work with their manufacturing/production processes. Within our manufacturing premises, we have our own, fully advanced testing ground. Before applying any newly innovated in mold decoration, it has to undergo thorough tests in our factory premises. After passing all the parameters, it is applied to our clients’ products.

We work with our clients at the grass-root level, which helps in getting the direct feedback and advice on our client’s choices. Our corporate vision is to avail all the possible avenues for the improvement in the process of In-Mold Labeling Injection Molding, In-mold Decoration, and In-Mold Labeling Printing Process!

We can proudly confess to being the Largest IML Food Packaging Supplier in China because of our In-Mold Labels quality and appropriate pricing. Also,

* Excellent graphics quality.
* Different options available for cut & stack labels or roll-fed labels.
* Ingredients/packaging material used in the IML printing process are not only FDA compliant (food coatings & inks used) but also Eco-friendly!
* Various types of digitally printing, flexo offset and gravure options available to our clients.
* Least lead time during peak season.
* All the containers, plastic packaging tubes, and final products are microwaveable.
* Our In-mold labeling injection molding and IML printing process are the best in the industry.
* We use metallic & temperature triggered inks capable of changing their color!
* High-Pressure Processing (HPP) sustainable.

We are absolutely different from the rest of the IML suppliers. Our in-mold labeling injection molding and IML process use the latest technology to give perfection in plastic packaging tubes and in-mold decoration.

* Our technology allows us to brand the surface and bottom of the container.
* We can work on various shapes and sizes of the container.
* The final product is highly durable, long lasting, light weight with absolute label adherence and does not require any kind of additional packaging.

With all the IML Printing Process available within our manufacturing premises and The Client- Service as our vision, we are the largest IML supplier in China. Our quality of in-mold decoration is beyond comparison and we have millions of happy customers across the globe!

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