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Choosing A Chinese Manufacturer For IML Biscuit Container



To increase the shelf life and keep its freshness intact, many producers are now opting to use IML Biscuit Containers instead of the regular packaging. These containers come in different shapes and sizes and extend the life of cookies and its crispness. These containers come with an option high-definition printing which can be customized as per your choice. With quality materials used you don’t have to worry about the boxes contaminating your biscuits in any way. They are also a cheaper alternative to the metal tins that are frequently used to sell cookies. While choosing a great manufacturer you will have to look out for the efficiency of their production, quality of the material used and the prices compared to other manufacturers. Here we will take a look at different kinds of Custom Cookies Packaging available.

  1. Rectangle Tub for Biscuits Features:

The size of the container is 192 mm, 192 mm and 121.4 mm in length, width and height respectively, with microwave friendly material and decorative feeling the box weighs 96 grams. It is anti-counterfeiting and is also dishwasher safe. The container comes with a handle if requested and is also tamper evident; it is with a 2500 ml volume.

  1. Large Tub for Biscuits Features:

The large tub container is 203.5 and 203.5 mm length and width with 133.5 mm in height. The weight of the container is 103 gm and has a volume 3500ml and 4000 ml to the rim and under lid respectively. Microwave friendly and anti-counterfeiting the container is also tamper evident and dishwasher safe.

  1. Tub for Biscuits 3 Features:

This container comes with a volume 3000 ml and 3600 ml to rim and under lid respectively with a great design and microwave friendly material. It is also anti-counterfeiting and weighs 94 grams. It has a 207.8, 207.8 and 115.5 length, width and height in mm respectively. Tamper evident and dishwasher friendly it can also be made with freezer usage on request.

  1. IML Round Plastic Cookie Container

This round cookie container comes in custom sizes and printing, with microwave friendly and dishwasher safe material. It is tampering evident and comes with no handle

  1. Small Tub for Cookies:

This container comes with a 150 ml, and 232 ml to a rim and under the lid volume, it is microwave friendly and dishwasher safe.

  1. Medium Tub for Cookies:

This container comes with a 250 ml and 286 ml to rim and under the lid volume, it is microwave friendly and dishwasher safe with anti-counterfeiting.

These are a few of the options available in the Chinese market which are great for storing cookies.

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