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How to well finish packaging transition from Paper to IML tubs?


When you decide to switch over from your traditional paper butter tub to the latest technology of IML(In-Mold Label) tub, various factors are to be considered, beforehand! When this transition is done in the most professional manner, it is absolutely possible that it will not at all affect your current business. But, in turn, will show an excellent growth after the transition process is complete!

IML–It is the acronym for In-Mold Labels, which are extensively used to decorate the product surface, with anti wrinkling, high-definition printing features. As the name suggests, the Preprinted Polypropylene (PP) label is fixed in a mold. The liquefied PP is added in the mold. Mold has the shape of the final product (e.g. butter tub or a container). Hence, the final result is – the container/packaging & label become an integrated entity!

Following are the four main In Mold Labeling Affecting Factors–

* Injection Mold
* Labels
* Mechanical Hand

*Molding Equipment

Maybe, you might encounter various manufacturers who claim to offer all the above-mentioned processes within their own manufacturing premises.

How will you gauge the reality?

There are certain national and international standards/norms laid down for the safety of the end users i.e. customers with respect to the entire manufacturing process. And the company who fulfills all the norms is legally issued a certificate by the authorized identity. Following are the main certificates issued by the governing authorities, for the companies involved in the In-Mold Label Business

* ISO 9001 Standard–It is the pre-defined set of the International Standards with respect to Quality Management (QM) & Quality Assurance (QA). This entire set is designed in such a manner, which helps the companies to successfully record/register their entire quality system methodology that needs to be implemented in their entire corporate operations, including manufacturing. This documentation ensures that the company is maintaining an efficient quality system.
* BRC Standard–Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) has recognized this standard, which is directly related to Packaging Materials & Packaging. This standard is regarded as one of the most prestigious certificates in the packaging industry for all the types of food and consumer products.
* FDA Approval–An official certificate is issued by The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) only after a thorough examination and qualifying tests for a wide range of all the items that fall under the category of medical use. This includes all types of medical appliances and drugs. When any manufacturer/company gets this certificate–“FDA Approval”–it means that all the benefits of the assigned product/item do not have any kind of anticipated risks for the product’s planned use.
When the above certificates are associated with any of the IML Packaging Services, it assures about the quality and the authenticity of the end product.

*SEDEX -An innovative and effective supply chain management solution. It is designed with an aim to reduce risk and improve supply chain practices followed by companies. It makes every possible effort to ease the burden on suppliers that often face multiple audits and questionnaires. Its motive is to make all the necessary changes in the global supply chains that can improve the ethical performance. It is not a standard setting body but a program to effectively share and manage supply chain information.

Can In-Mold Label Packaging Service Provider Become An OEM?

In order to reduce the cost of production, many established brands have started outsourcing IML services. Not only they get the best quality but also reduce their overheads. Such IML service providers are termed as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). All types of containers–irrespective of the industry–are given by the IML service providers as per the suppliers’ logo, design, message etc.

Conclusion – In order to be in the win-win situation, any company can opt for the best In-Mold Label Service Provider, unless that supplier has the authentic certificates like ISO 9001 standard, BRC standard, SEDEX standard, FDA approval! Also, if that supplier is already an established OEM original equipment manufacturer, the final result can be more than perfection! Not only the professional IML service provider can give the ultimate quality of plastic mold design but also services concerning mold building and product design as well!

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