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Honokage Plastic
Cup Lids

Our company have plastic cup lids with a diameter of 80-90m,
PP injection molded cup lids that are food grade and recyclable.

Manufacturing of Plastic Drink Lids

Honokage disposable plastic injection molded cup lids, including milk tea lids, wine lids, travel cup lid, juice drink lids. Its plastic cup lids can be opened and closed again, which can be effectively retain the temperature of hot beverages such as coffee, while also preventing any liquid from spilling out.

Honokage plastic cup lids can be customized to provide you with packaging and product design solutions.

Types of plastic cup lids

Application of Plastic Cup Lids

Advantages of Plastic Cup Lids

Fast Production

The production process of plastic cup lids is relatively mature, and they can be quickly manufactured through injection molding, blister, and other methods.

Good Sealing

Plastic cup lids can tightly cover the cup mouth, effectively preventing beverage leakage. This enhances brand image and consumer experience.

Diverse Types

Plastic cup lids can be made from different materials to adapt to beverages of different temperatures, including cold drinks, hot drinks, coffee, juice.


We meet relevant food safety standards and are 100% recyclable, contributing to environmental protection and achieving economic circulation.

Automatic Plastic Cup Lids on Coffee Vending Machine

The lid of the vending machine is equipped with a well-designed guiding structure, which effectively compensates for any displacement caused by the lid falling onto the cup during automatic lowering and sealing. This design significantly improves the reliability of the automatic sealing process.

We utilize high-speed and high-pressure injection molding machines to achieve precise injection molding, ensuring high dimensional accuracy of the product and a perfect fit with the cup.

The production workshop meets the GMP Class 100,000 requirements and adopts fully automated production to minimize manual intervention. This prevents the automatic plastic cup lids from being contaminated by secondary assembly and fully complies with the production standards for food-grade products.

Coffee Takeaway Plastic Cup Lids

The plastic cup lids is designed with a special anti-overflow and exhaust structure, which can seal hot coffee or other hot drinks at 90℃. During the bumpy transportation of takeaways, it can release heat and prevent the beverage from spilling out.

Why Choose Honokage as Your Plastic Cup Lids Service Provider

Honokage has an excellent team equipped with an independent research and development technology center. This includes departments for product research and development, engineering, research workshops, biological laboratories, comprehensive laboratories, mold development, material research, and a 3D testing room to provide customers with high quality plastic cup lids.

Honokage provides plastic cup lids research and development support, including personalized customization, efficient research and development processes, strict quality control, and advanced technical support. Our outstanding team and independent research and development technology center will provide comprehensive support for your product research and development. From product development design to production, HONOKAG will fully cooperate with you to create plastic cup lids that better meets market demands.

Honokage Plastic Cup Lids to Match

The texture of the degradable beverage cups and lids is superior compared to traditional vacuum-formed or paper lids. They have a transparent and attractive appearance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be paired with plastic or paper cups of different sizes, such as 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, or 22oz.

These cups and lids are made from biodegradable materials that can decompose into harmless substances in natural environments. This reduces pollution and aligns with the current trend of environmental consciousness.

Plastic cup lids for honokage accompanying coffee cups has a novel shape, which can be matched with cups of different colors. The material is hard and reusable, convenient for home use or going out.

Application of Honokage Plastic Cup Lids

Cold Drink Lid

Honokage offers a variety of cup lids suitable for different sizes of plastic or paper cups. With an automated production mode, it can be produced in large quantities and is suitable for milk tea cups, coffee cups, juice cups, and wine cups.

Hot Drink Lid

There are many types of cup lids available on the market, including suction cup lids, silicone cup lids, and hard paper cup lids.

Portable Cup Lid

Honokage also offers portable cup lids with a capacity ranging from 300ml to 600ml. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for outdoor activities, work, school, or travel. Made of food-grade materials, they are non-toxic and tasteless.

Honokage Drink Cup Lids Customized Service Provider

Honokage plastic drink cups packaging design, can be selected and customized according to your product needs, honokage professional team provide you with more brand image and product characteristics of the packaging design.

  • Customized high quality drink lids to ensure safe and hygienic use. Honokage use food grade materials and advanced production processes to provide you with quality products and services.

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Inquiry About Beverage Cup Lids

Can suction lids be made?

Yes, they can.

Can injection molded lids be used for paper cups?

Yes, they can.

Is it possible to make paper cup lids?

Yes, it is.

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