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What Are The Latest Innovative Trends In The Food Packaging Industry?



The current 618th Shopping Carnival got a tremendous success giving the biggest momentum to China’s Economy. Many brands created history by surpassing their order value post-pandemic period. To quote a few are JD.com gave the historical sales figure of 269.20 billion Yuan. Even the Tmall platform created the history with the orders crossing 698.20 billion Yuan. These are the authentic figures received on 18th June 2020 at 24:00 hours.

This was the highest order increase depicting the huge domestic demand giving a positive boost to the Chinese economy.

Apart from various other Packaging Innovations, one product worth mentioning is innovative Bottle Cap Packaging. By manufacturing such superior bottle caps blended with IML technology the contents stored in the container get extended shelf life.

Why the products like bottle caps has created such an importance in the custom packaging industry?

1. Functional Nutrition: The entire container gets additional protection which not only helps in reducing the physical damage but also protects the contents as well. As this intelligent bottle cap can be sealed again – utmost sterility can be maintained.

2. Convenience: Without any problems, you can use these bottles as per your choice. Either carry it with you on a long journey or use it in your refrigerator. While using these bottles, you do not require any kind of spoon and also most of the intelligent bottle caps are anti-choking hence – safe to use.

3. Additional Shelf Life: As these bottle caps do not react with the outside weather, the contents inside are conferred with extra shelf life.

Conclusion: Along with the above latest trends encountered in the food industry there are various other factors like the packaging beauty and attractiveness given because of IML Packaging. This is also one of the latest trends catching along with the food industry. The contents can be printed on the label with the utmost precision and High Density due to the latest IML technology. The messages can be passed on to the end-users with absolute accuracy.

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