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200g oval container

Item No.: HL02-012
Brimful Volume: 200g
Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Model Type: Injection Molded
Decoration: In-Mould Labelling(Gravue/Flexo)
Product Dimension: base:130.5*62.5*40mm
lid: 133*81*8mm
Container loading: 20GP:113,400sets 40HQ:530,712sets
Product Feature: Frozen, HPP

Honokage 200g Oval Container

Honokage 200g oval plastic IML margarine container, small and exquisite, oval shape beautiful and durable, can be made any color and with more colors and complex design of the label pattern, honokage mold has been opened, you only need to provide label drawings to produce your own product packaging.

Advantages of 200g Oval Container

  • Made of natural resin
  • 100% recyclable

200g Oval Container Use Information

  • Size to fit with mold plate of filling machine: 122.5*72mm
  • Can meet a small amount of butter, ice cream, cookies, pet food and other needs

IML Margarine Containers

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