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Honokage 2021 Annual Awards Ceremony

The year of 2021, which was an extraordinary year, has been replaced by the year of 2022, which is an even better one. In the past year ,Honokage make extraordinary achievement on our in mold label thin walled plastic food packaging container,like ice cream boxes,butter container,yogurt cup,biscuit bucket,coffee cup and sauce cup.These achievements can not be achieved without the joint efforts of all staff, thank you for your hard work!

5 year old employee award in 2021

Five years, this time to highlight the value of perseverance, thank you for standing together with Fujian Henglong and growring together. Fujian Henglong thanks for your hard work!

10 year Old employee award in 2021

Ten years of perseverance, ten years of quiet dedication, you have given the most wonderful youth to the IML thin-walled plastic food packaging container business that we are working together for. Sincerely thank you, it is because of your passion on ice cream, butter, yogurt, biscuits, drinks and other food packaging, henglong have today gorgeous.

Excellent Employee of the Year 2021

They take food safety as the core, devoting efforts to create safe and reliable ice cream box, butter box, yogurt cup, biscuit box, drink cup and other food packaging, the pursuit of excellence, achievement of excellence constant confidence, they use action to describe the connotation of “high quality, high efficiency”.

Professional Skills award 2021

They have the craftsman spirit of “love the job, keep improving, persistent attention, meticulous”, for in-mold labeling of ice cream, butter, yogurt and other food packaging products and enterprises to provide a solid foundation.

Most Influential Technician of the Year 2021

These special skills of the talents, they rushed in a line, to use professional knowledge and skilled technology, and practice with superb skills, solve a mould labeling (on IML) thin-wall plastic food packaging container, the technique and technology difficult problem for ice cream, butter, yogurt and other food packaging plays an important role, for fujian hang lung to lay a solid foundation, It plays an important role in promoting the development of enterprises.

2021 Excellent Department Award — Engineering Department

They have a high team spirit, mutual solidarity, mutual support, mutual help, team members with tacit understanding, rely on the strength of the team masses, excellently complete the work requirements and production targets. Some of them improve the process, reduce costs, improve efficiency; Some excellence, excellent product quality; Some to customer satisfaction and market demand as the pursuit of the goal, self-pressure, continuous improvement, sustainable development, is committed to creating high-quality ice cream, butter, yogurt and other food packaging containers, they use the excellent performance of the team to interpret what is the real team spirit.

2021 Finalist Encouragement Award

In the long years, your showing is like a spring rain, gently over time, you believe that “good is standard, strictly is love”, with endearment in mold labeling ( IML) thin-wall plastic food packaging container business, let oneself more outstanding and make a greater contribution for ice cream, butter, yogurt food packaging industry.

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