IML Ice Cream Market

Everything is dependent on the ice cream flavors and their designs that are used on the plastic containers. Hence there should be an absolute differentiation with respect to the seasonal changes - between the demand and the response time. Summer will expect a very high demand for In-Mold Labeling with a very high response time. We are capable to adjust this acknowledgment time! In-Mold Labeling is one of the widely accepted techniques - by almost all the Ice cream manufacturers across the world! It is directly derived from a Pre-printed Polypropylene Label, which is positioned in a mold during its manufacturing process. We are the expert in IML PROCESS, especially concerning the Ice Cream Industry because we use the latest ultra-modern technology that directly fuses with the label, forming the shape of the mold while in its curing process. This eventually leads to the perfection in label and packaging becoming an integrated entity.

 Why Are We Considered To Be The Best In-Mold Labeling Companies For The Ice Cream Manufacturers, Across The Globe?

Our happy customers in this versatile ice cream industry are one of our prime, unique selling point, which is widely accepted across the globe concerning In-Mold Labeling, because of the following main reasons –

* Our Expertise

– We carry the latest technology that is directly related to Injection Molding IML, Blow Molding IML & Thermoforming IML!

* Superior Print Quality

– Our latest printing technique is capable of delivering very superior quality images. Our technology allows our clients to decorate their container from all the sides – With One Single Label!

* Sturdy & Uncontaminated

– Our IML’s can sustain huge temperature changes and humidity as well – The ultimate solution for any kind of ICED & FROZEN products.

* Scratch Proof

– We are one of the very few Ins-Mold Labeling Service Providers, across the world that not only guarantees scratch resistance, but also naïve to wrinkles!

* Crack Less

- Our technology does not anticipate any kind of cracks, especially concerning the end product.

* Value For Money

– We incorporate only one single step to produce the In Mold Labeling process that decorates the entire output. This is one factor which reduces your cost drastically. Because it reduces the production time and cost as well!

* Eco-Friendly Material

– We use only the environmentally friendly material that can be 100% recycled!

* Versatile Decorations

– Our technology is capable of giving our Ice Cream Manufacturer’s various types of decorations by offering those innumerable inks (colors) and shades! This helps the Ice Cream Manufacturer’s to differentiate all of their products across the shelf!

* Extensive Range Of Feel & Touch

– We are capable of decorating the same plastic packaging products with different types of materials especially concerning their inks! This helps in differentiating the shelf view of your product.

* Instant Product Change

– Our technology allows you to change the entire label design. You are not incurring any kind of production waste. The IML process is the blend of an excellent offset print quality and a smooth changeover between the packaging and label, which encompasses the beholder’s attention on the store shelf!

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