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2022 Annual Supplier Quality Sharing Conference Invited By Nestle

Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was invited to the Nestlé China Supplier Quality Conference

Nestle implements low-carbon packaging for ice cream containers, butter/margarine/spread containers, yogurt cups, drink cups, etc., improves packaging design, introduces recyclable use solutions, and leads the use of virgin plastic to be converted into food-grade recyclable plastic to increase the use of low-carbon Energy. Recycling of use and packaging. Project “Tasty” SKU optimization, formulation & packaging material optimization, strengthening the application of new technologies. Design new solutions for food packaging such as ice cream, yogurt, biscuits, etc., using environmental sustainable development strategies.

Nestlé Group’s business principles and code of conduct:

Apply the principles of honesty, integrity and fairness, understand and agree with the Nestlé Group Business Principles, Nestlé Code of Business Conduct, Nestlé Supplier Code and other Nestlé Greater China compliance policies and guidelines, and respect Nestlé’s ethics and compliance to abide by the high standards of the above-mentioned policies. Create food packaging safety for ice cream, yogurt, biscuits, etc., and provide consumers with a good food environment.

Improvement of packaging quality (excluding foreign objects and pests).:

Identify the root causes of quality by the second quarter of 2022; specify a specific action plan and execute it on time; monitor and improve the stability and sustainability of food packaging materials such as ice cream, yogurt, biscuits, etc.

Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry Co., LTD was invited to Nestle China Supplier Quality Conference.

Foreign body control project: effectively reduce foreign body complaints (zero foreign body for ice cream containers)

Establishment of foreign body group and rectification measures (foreign body control of ice cream containers)

a.Set up a foreign body group

b.Hair foreign body analysis and hair control measures

c.Hair inspection record and health inspection summary

d.Foreign body group audit and reward system

Sharing of production highlights (during the production of ice cream packaging containers)

a.The use of the visual inspection system cancels the manual full inspection and reduces the personnel contact pollution and labor cost.

b.In the production process, the cup mouth is designed to face down, which can prevent foreign objects from falling into the cup to the greatest extent;

c.Automatic packing and automatic stacking can reduce personnel contact pollution;

d.The production workshop and the packaging workshop are separated, and the inner packaged products flow into the outer packaging workshop through the conveyor belt, so as to ensure that the products are not polluted by the master carton;

e.Hanging work instructions an Pictures are used on the machine to guide workshop employees to understand the inspection points;

f.Warehouses are arranged neatly according to the labels, and each flavor is clearly labelled.

 Standardized management execution (solving problems during the production of ice cream containers)

a.Develop relevant training plans for full training and standardized written records (training);

b.Establish a long-term workshop area division and special personnel to clean and check the records, and continue to improve (cleaning);

c.The implementation of the reward and punishment system for foreign body control, and the inclusion of foreign body improvement effects into performance appraisal (rewards and punishments);

d.Warehousing material transportation to clean and protect vehicles and warehouse storage to avoid finished products from being polluted (protection);

e.The foreign body team organizes an on-site surprise audit, conducts a comprehensive analysis and improvement of the problem points found, and the quality department verifies the effectiveness of the improvement (process audit and improvement verification).

Through the conference our company will continue to improve food packaging materials;  The development and application of degradable and high barrier materials and the sustainable and circular use of low-carbon energy provide customers with better solutions and constantly meet the needs of customers and consumers.

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