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Annual Supplier Quality Sharing Conference Invited By Nestle

Annual Supplier Quality Sharing Conference invited by Nestle——Nestle Hong Kong foreign objects complaint

Quality improvement sharing points

1.Establishment of foreign objects group and rectification measures

2.Registration and verification of foreign objects control

Set up a foreign objects control group, summarize and analyze the causes of foreign objects as well as hair improve measures, set up KPI inspection records and health inspection reports, and conduct foreign body group audit and reward measures

3.Sharing of production improvement highlights

Machine improvement, production mode, automatic packaging stack to avoid personnel packaging pollution, etc

4.Continuous standardized management and implementation

a.Develop relevant training plans and written records of all staff training and standardization

b.Establish long-term division of workshop area, assign special personnel to clean and check records, and continuously improve

c.Implement reward and punishment system for foreign objects control, and incorporate the improvement effect of foreign objects into performance appraisa

d.Warehouse material transportation clean and protect vehicles and warehouses to prevent finished products from being contaminated

e. The foreign objects team organizes on-site audit, conducts comprehensive improvement analysis for the found problems, and verifies the effectiveness of improvement by the quality Department.

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