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Do You Want To Know About Butter Tub And Special Recipe Of Homemade Butter?



In a mall or a hyper store when you pass through the butter aisle, you will see many butter brands packed in a butter tub – either square-shaped or rectangle-shaped. In-Mold labeling is very useful to print the label on these butter tubs, irrespective of their shape.

It is said that the first impression is the last – And an attractive butter tub plays a vital role provided it is created with the IML technology. Traditional butter tubs are slowly getting outdated the butter tubs created by futuristic In-Mold Labeling technology are impeccable.

The main advantage of butter tubs is it saves space with the maximum number of containers fitting on the shelves. Also, these butter tubs are very easy to transport.

In the case of consumers, these small, attractive, and reusable butter tubs can be stored in their refrigerators without much difficulty. Today, butter manufacturers tend to shift from traditional butter packaging to the latest IML manufactured butter tubs.

Also, most of the new butter tubs manufactured with IML technology have the following traits:

Lightweight – Irrespective of their size, the IML butter tubs are not at all bulky, compared to traditional butter tubs.

Reusable  All the raw materials used in manufacturing the butter tubs with the latest IML technology make it possible to reuse the butter tubs. Hence, these butter tubs act as reminder media when they get placed in the customers’ home kitchen.

Space-saving – Depending on the size, more butter tubs can be placed on the shelves as their design is highly compact. The golden view of attractive butter tubs with vibrant colors can become the center of attraction.

Highly durable  The In-Mold labeling technology makes it possible to manufacture very sturdy butter tubs, which makes them very easy to transport.

High-Density label print – The IML technology makes use of HD printing on the labels. Every detail can be printed as per the requirement on the butter tubs label without deteriorating the quality of the butter tub.

Alluring look and eye-soothing feel – The Butter Tub design get a very alluring and serene look because of In-Mold labeling technology.

Cost-effective – The IML manufacturing process of butter tubs is very cost-effective.

Here, we are sharing our easy to make – homemade butter recipe. You can store it in a vessel or a buttercup of your choice.

Materials And Ingredients Used:

Airtight Container, Milk, Salt, Bottle, Cotton Cloth, Strainer


Pour fresh milk into an airtight container.

Shake the container vigorously. Rest your hands when tired. Repeat the shaking process once again.

Slowly, you will see fresh butter separated from the milk.

Note: In case you choose animal fresh butter directly, you can start with the second step.

Remember, do not use a blender as the fat is completely removed because of a blender. Furthermore, the blender solidifies the milk fat because of the centrifugal force. The water and oil in the milk fat are fully separated.

Use a little amount of cold water and rinse the mixture. It will remove major impurities from the mixture.

Not use strainer and cotton cloth to drain out excess water. Keep it aside for some time.

Return to the blender and stir to filter excess water

Add salt as per the taste. Mix well

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