Butter & Margarine Market

Only the smart and proactive butter & margarine producers understand the cardinal point of the elegant and beautiful packaging for their products.

And we are the experts in delivering the superior quality of In-Mold Labeling (IML) for the Butter And Margarine producers, across the world. The 'point of sale’ is that point wherein any consumer finalizes his choice of product & completes the sale. Our latest technology of IML gives a superior print quality that compels the customers to choose your product! When the container & packaging are integrated with true colors, it attracts the prospective buyers in finalizing your product!

We can proudly confess that most of the butter & margarine producers prefer our IML services for their products because of our professional approach with extremely competitive rates. Not merely we give the sturdy products to our esteemed clients but additionally an extensive range of design options as per their choice.

How Do The Butter And Margarine Producers Benefited From Our In-Mold Labeling Services?

Reliability– Our record of the repetitive Butter & Margarine Producers is the proof of our reliability in this industry. Not only many of these producers come back to us for their new launches, but further recommend our name to various other manufacturers!

Futuristic Technology– We operate on the latest technology with the latest software for our In-Mold Labeling manufacturing method. The final products delivered to the butter & margarine producers are manufactured from the superior quality Pre-printed Polypropylene Label that is placed in a mold during its manufacturing stage. Our technology is precisely related to the Injection Molding IML, Blow Molding IML & Thermoforming IML!

Label Becomes Intrinsic–With our IML technology the label becomes an intrinsic part of the product (not hanging on the outside wall similar to the traditional labels) and adds the ornamental worth. Not only your butter & margarine packaging becomes sturdy from the walls, but moreover a considerable reduction in the weight as well.

Enhances Brand Value–Our IML method allows us to give innumerable types of colors to be placed on your butter and margarine packaging! This makes it tempting and consequently increases your brand value.

Robust Quality–When compared with heat transfer foils and wraps used by the traditional butter & margarine producers, our In-Mold Labeling is perfection beyond improvement as it carries the highest resistant value, rarely any tearing, fading, peeling, and scratching! This is considered as the ultimate solution for various types of butter & margarine products!

Product Matching Print Quality–We are able to deliver truly sharp and high-quality images on the packaging material. You, as a butter and margarine producer, can decorate the entire container from all the sides with one single label, which makes it different from the competition.

Value For Money–Our manufacturing process includes only one single mold labeling methodology. This help in decorating the entire product at an extremely nominal cost.

Not Harmful to the Environment– Our IML manufacturing process uses 100% eco-friendly raw material, which can be efficiently recycled.

Flexibility In Designs–We can offer our butter and margarine producers, various types of designs, inks, colors and shades which make their product exclusive on the shelf!

Fast Alterations–If you want to alter any design, our technology allows you to do it – really fast. This does not burden you financially and you as well save on your precious time.

Calling All Proactive Butter And Margarine Producers–Use our futuristic In-Mold Labeling process and give your packaging greatest effect with high quality brilliantly colorful graphics printed. Our work cannot be counterfeited and additionally carry a very high re-use value because of the exceptionally pleasant design!

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