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Honokage Pioneered The Application Of Mcdm In Thin Wall Iml Products


HONOKAGE pioneered the application of MCDM in thin wall iml products

(IML in-mold labeling thin-walled food container packaging)

After two years of research and development, Fujian Henglong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has solved the technical difficulties of MCDM in the in-mold labeling label, and successfully applied in thin-wall in-mold labeling products.As a state-level high-tech enterprise, Fujian Henglong practices the concept of green development, and makes contributions to environmental protection, plastic reduction, green and low-carbon, and sustainable and high-quality development

This project won the second prize in the 2022 Fujian Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

  1. Fully degradable material(Used for in – mold labeling thin – walled food container packaging)

Degradable plastic refers to a kind of plastic whose properties can meet the requirements of use, unchanged in the storage period, and can be degraded into environmentally friendly substances under natural environmental conditions after use. Therefore, it is also called environmentally degradable plastics.


There are many new types of plastics: photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics, environmentally degradable plastics.

Often used for food container packaging products: butter box, yogurt cup, cookie box, coffee capsule, ice cream box, sauce cup, drink cup…

a.The advantages of degradable plastics

Practicability: It has the same or similar application performance and sanitation performance with similar common plastics

Safety: The substances generated and left after degradation are harmless to the

environment or have no potential harm, especially suitable for food plastic container packaging (butter box, yogurt cup, cookie box, coffee capsule, ice cream box, sauce cup, drink cup);

Degradability: after the completion of the use function, it can be quickly degraded in the natural environment, become water and carbon dioxide, and eventually return to nature;

Economy: The price is the same or slightly higher than that of similar ordinary plastics, which brings sustainable economic development and better prospects for in-mold labeled food container packaging plastic products (butter box, yogurt cup, cookie box, coffee capsule, ice cream box, sauce cup, beverage cup).

b.Microbial chitosan completely degrades the material

MCDM stands for “Microbial chitosan complete degradation material”. It is a plastic additive based on biodecomposition technology and activated bacteria developed by advanced nanotechnology. The main process principle is to add a decomposing biomolecular mineral to the non-decomposing synthetic polymer like polyethylene.

Function of MCDM

In real life these bacteria can be activated in the environment, buried in soil or compost and incinerated; This kind of bacteria can decompose plastic into CO2 and organic matter after activation, so it will not produce dioxins in the incineration, and the decomposed matter buried in the soil will be converted to the line bacteria and bacilli to decompose the organic matter completely

Main ingredients of MCDM

MCDM is a new material composed of 36 kinds of materials, including minerals, proteins and biological bacteria

Aging problem ?

MCDM environmental protection plastic products do not change the molecular structure of plastic, only change the plastic aging post-treatment; In general, these bacteria cannot be activated under non-activated storage conditions, so the presence of these bacteria, like the presence of additives, does not increase the rate of oxidation or degradation of the added plastic with time or the increase of ambient humidity, as is the case with general decomposable plastic. Therefore, the products made of MCDM environmental protection plastic will not have the problem of aging! It can be recycled and reused until it has no physical properties.

c.Degradable plastics

The aforementioned biodegradable activated bacteria are harmless to human body and above 18 degrees of humidity; The degradation effect was obvious after about 60 days of activation in 20% of the mud pile

The reproduction rate reached 33,000/min

The finished product processing temperature can be up to 340 degrees

It can be awakened by enzymes in the soil at room temperature

However, the main food for the biodegradable activated bacteria is…………

  1. MCDM Particle of microorganism

MCDM is mainly composed of minerals, proteins, biological bacteria and other 36 kinds of substances combined into a new material; MCDM is made of white and plastic materials, which can not only achieve environmental protection, but also have more air permeability and antistatic effect. Two kinds of materials: 1) granular MCDM 2) sheet MCDM;
Automatic decomposition of plastic additives can be automatically decomposed in the natural environment of plastic additives, according to customer different product requirements to achieve natural biodegradation time.


MCDM has the following characteristics: Food grade safety (the finished product can be used in microwave oven, suitable for butter box, yogurt cup, cookie box, coffee capsule, ice cream box, sauce cup, drink cup and other plastic products). Insoluble, suitable for water, oil and other items easy incineration, combustion will not produce smoke and dioxins (dioxin); Generally, decomposition begins within 60 days after disposal, and can also be adjusted to increase or shorten the degradation time according to customer product requirements.

Feature of MCDM

Using MCDM environmental protection material combustion non-toxic, microwave heating, made of finished products before degradation can be added new material recycling granulation, burning into powder, decomposition in the soil can be organic fertilizer.

1.Fully degradable label

Fully degradable in mold label (butter box, yogurt cup, cookie box, coffee capsule, ice cream box, sauce cup, drink cup and other plastic packaging film), made of MCDM material, the performance of the storage period is unchanged, and after use in the natural environment conditions can be degraded into environmentally friendly substances of plastic film.

3.Fully degradable in-mold labeling products

Completely biodegradable mould labeling products (butter, yogurt cups, biscuit boxes, coffee, ice cream boxes, sauce cup, drink cup) of MCDM material is made of food packaging plastic products, its various performance can meet the use requirement, in the preservation period of performance is unchanged, and under the condition of the natural environment after using can degrade environment harmless substance in pairs; For example, daily butter box, yogurt cup, ice cream box, cookie box, beverage cup and other food container packaging.

Low-carbon environmental protection is related to the benign development of enterprises, but also affects the process of national and even global ecological environmental governance. The excellent achievements in the field of plastic reduction and emission reduction have encouraged and promoted the development of energy conservation and emission reduction in all walks of life and the construction of ecological civilization, which plays an important role in sustainable economic development.

Henglong Plastic constantly innovates and improves the research and development and application of degradable materials and high barrier materials, committed to creating a sustainable packaging strength brand.

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