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Attention Dairy Enterprises – The Importance Of BRC Certified & Nestle Factory Certified Icecream Packaging And In Mold Label Plastic Pack Containers For Your Business Growth!



Dairy enterprises struggle to increase their market share in this highly competitive market.

There is one important factor that can help to increase your dairy products’ market share.

BRC Certified IML Container  British Retail Consortium certification schemes are designed by British retailers. This certification is related to food quality and safety standards for food products. BRC certified IML containers fall into this category. And, when you have this certificate, the dairy product acceptance level increase drastically.

Nestle is one such company that believes fully in food safety. The Nestle factory certified icecream packaging adheres to all the standards of food safety. They use In Mold plastic packaging technology that keeps the products safe and gives longer shelf life.

To increase the dairy product sale, the quality of the dairy products should be well controlled from the source i.e. right from the use of ingredients to its final packaging. And, the quality of product packaging and hygiene requirements is very important.

Hence, BRC certified IML Container plays a vital role in the entire process. The acceptance level of your dairy products increases exponentially when the consumers see this certificate on the product. In mold label plastic pack fully adheres to all the manufacturing norms and gives you an impeccable dairy product container. Nestle factory certified icecream packaging makes the use of In mold label plastic packs for their dairy products.

Even BRC certified IML containers help in increasing the penetration level without much difficulty.

Following are the main advantages of BRC Certified IML Containers:

  • Immediate global recognition
  • Wide acceptance of almost all the retail customers
  • A perfect way to meet all the requirements of food safety norms.
  • Enhancing the quality and safety of the product
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