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IML Technology Is Effective In Plastic Coffee Cups Strapless LIDS As Well! Bye, Bye Straws!



Strapless Lids – has made its way into the NextGen plastic coffee cup, take away coffee cup design, and different plastic containers. The food and beverage industry is getting revamped by Strapless Lids!

Yes! Gone are the days of straws and most multinational companies have adopted strapless lids for their plastic coffee cups and other product containers.

The best example to quote is Starbucks. This gigantic multinational has already banned plastic straws from all their stores and franchises across the world, commencing from 2020. They are planning to adopt strapless lids for their takeaway coffee design, plastic coffee cups, and various other products.

Starbucks has begun a collaboration called NextGen Consortium with their partners. These partners include McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Nestle. Under this, they are working with local municipalities to enhance the acceptance of strapless lids green cups. McDonald’s has also adopted straw-free lids since 2020.

How These Latest Strapless Lids Are Helpful For Plastic Coffee Cups And Take Away Coffee Cup Designs?

It almost took two years for McDonald’s to develop impeccable strapless lids for their take away coffee cup design and plastic coffee cups. These strapless lids are the first design of McDonald’s global system, as McDonald’s China’s local environmental innovation.

• The outer edge of the strapless lids is slightly higher than the middle lid. This supports in preventing an overflow from the plastic coffee cups and take away coffee cups design.


Across the world, most countries are favoring Eco-friendly plastic containers manufactured with the help of IML Technology. Not only this technology is highly cost-effective but also maintains hygiene and increases product shelf-life.

Without any ambiguity, the future of packaging is Strapless Lids. Most of the international brands have adopted these strapless lids for their plastic coffee cups including various other containers and take away coffee cup designs. Environmental protection is the priority followed by portability. Again this is the futuristic innovation designed under In-Mold Labeling technology.

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