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2022 – Global Food And Beverages Developments And Yogurt Cups Playing Important Role In Regaining The Control Of The Consumers Life!



The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire food habits across the world. Almost all individuals globally want to regain absolute control of their health. These health freak individuals are the prospective customers for our food and beverage industry.

How can we as food and beverage industrialists, help them to take control of their health habits?

• If we are manufacturing various food brands we can add value by adding personalized functional ingredients and satisfy the consumer’s increasing segmented health needs. For example, a dairy product –Yogurt. Not only should the ingredients be functional but also the yogurt cups should be food-friendly.

• Let the consumer manage their health by adding guilt-free eating habits to their diet. The in-Mold labeling process helps consumers by maintaining various health-friendly standards and prefer Yogurt cups that are food safe, also do not reduce the product efficacy.

• During this deadly pandemic, the stress has been tremendously increasing and hence consumers want to regain their health control. The yogurt cups manufactured with IML technology are eco-friendly. Seldom does the yogurt nutrition deteriorate in the yogurt cups manufactured with IML technology but also these iml yogurt cups do not harm the environment after use.

• The latest study shows that by the year 2022 most consumers are opting for healthier products to control their weight and adhere to healthy eating habits. One such product can be functional yogurt served in food-safe yogurt packaging.

• Why yogurt cups manufactured with IML Technology are the best options to use? As per Mintel, more than 45% of Japanese adults are not able to maintain their eating habits properly.

Their sedentary lifestyle makes it impossible to eat healthy foods and healthy dairy products. Hence, if they get functional yogurt in hygienic yogurt cups, which does not affect their health adversely then they will surely prefer this yogurt.

The design principle of 21Beauty adheres to the principle of not using more than 6 ingredients in their products. Also, they do not use sucrose, any sugar substitutes, or additives. And the yogurt served in food-safe yogurt cups along with functional formulation helps in maintaining consumers’ health. The functional formulations include Sodium Hyaluronate, Net Acid, Collagen ingredients, and Astaxanthin. These ingredients fall in the category of daily efficacy standards. Even conceptual additions are made in the functional foods or yogurt to maintain the health benefits.


How will the consumers regain control of their health? Firstly, by eating functional foods like yogurt served in IML manufactured yogurt cups. Choose the correct food items of their choice, which will induce additional energy to overcome day-long tiredness.

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