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The shelf Life Of The Frozen Food Items Of Picard Surgelés Is Very High In Their Frozen Food Plastic Packaging Boxes, Frozen Dumpling Jars, And IML Frozen Food Jars!



Picard is a food company with a colossal retail store chain. Its forte is ONLY FROZEN food items. They are famous for being high-quality, easy to cook, and tasty, as if the frozen items are fresh. Almost all of their food items are packed in frozen food plastic packaging boxes and 500ml frozen dumpling jars. They use In-Mold labeling technology for most of their containers and make maximum use of IML frozen food jars.

With the help of using In-Mold Labeling Technology for their frozen food plastic packaging box, 500ml frozen dumpling jars, and IML frozen food jars, Picard can garner maximum benefits for their products:

  1. Fresh Ingredients Taste: Because Picard uses IML technology, even the professional chef thinks that all ingredients are fresh (and not frozen).
  2. Enhanced Shelf Life: the 500ml frozen dumpling jars help keep the food items on for more days. Picard uses IML frozen food jars and plastic packaging box that holds the taste healthy for a longer time.
  3. Less Preparation Time: With the help of a Microwave or Oven, all the appetizers, soups, entrees, pastries, desserts, and different types of Asian dishes can be prepared within 20 minutes. This helps in reducing the preparation time. The oven has no adverse effect on the frozen food plastic packaging box, 500ml frozen dumpling jars, and IML frozen food jars.
  4. Picard’s Strict Product Quality & Taste: Picard Frozen Food is highly appreciated for its strict quality checks for its taste and packaging materials. They offer delicious food items in frozen food plastic packaging boxes, 500ml frozen dumpling jars, and IML frozen food jars after undergoing strict quality checks.
  5. Commercial Terms Of Picard:
  • Officially, Picard offers more than 200 new products every year.
  • Picard’s annual Stock Keeping Units (SKU) update rate is 20%. T
  • The Research and Development Cycle of almost all the products is over eight months. Picard’s main motto is that every product should bring maximum sales blended with complete bottom lines!
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