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Why Is There An Sharp Increase In Demand For IML Manufactured Ice Cream Packaging, Ice Cream Containers, Ice Cream Cups, Butter Containers, And Margarine Containers After Covid-19?



The post-pandemic food industry is undergoing a very different transition phase. Undoubtedly, the food industry faced tons of challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But, after this phase various, the doors of the food industry is receiving different types of opportunities:

  1. Across the world, consumers expect hygienic products for their daily food items packed in IML-manufactured margarine containers, butter containers, and ice cream containers. Hence In-mold labeling (IML) process has gained extreme importance. The IML-manufactured ice cream packaging, ice cream cups, ice cream containers, butter containers, and margarine containers are suddenly in demand. The extended shelf life of the product blended with cleanliness is one of the main reasons.
  2. A new concept of Stay-At-Home-Economy has been developed in the post-pandemic era. This elevated the opportunity for food items demand at home. Consumers prefer to enjoy their ice cream in attractive IML-manufactured ice cream packaging or alluring ice cream containers. Most top brands use ice cream cups, butter containers, and margarine containers produced with In-Mold Labeling technology.
  3. Logistic Support: To deliver these ice cream packaging, ice cream cups, and ice cream containers directly to the customers at their doorstep best quality logistic support is required. The butter containers and margarine containers need to be transported with low cost and high volume. This is one of the opportunities in the post-pandemic era.
  4. Pre-packaged Food Items: There has been phenomenal growth in pre-packaged food items after the Covid-19 pandemic. Stay-At-Home-Economy has made pre-packaged food an indispensable part of consumers. This has made In-Mold Labeling technology one of the essential factors from production to delivering packaged foods. It is a vital requirement to transport IML ice cream containers and ice cream cups. The convenience is at its peak; thus, margarine containers and butter containers prefer IML technology. The ice cream packaging is very safe to transport with the help of IML technology.


Irrespective of the negative impact of Covid-19 worldwide, slowly but surely, the doors of opportunities are getting opened in the food industry market.

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