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Cheese Market – By 2025, IML Processed Cheese Containers, IML Rigid Packaing, Plastic Packs, & Dairy Food Packaging Will Encounter Exponential Growth!



The Dairy Association of China officially released the overall goal and developmental plan for the cheese industry in 2020. The China Dairy Association had laid down a 3-year plan to enhance the competitiveness of the Dairy Industry. The main focus was on the quality of the cheese and the cheese container, dairy food packaging, and plastic pack. Also, In-Mold Labeling (IML rigid packaging) and the IML process were considered the best for cheese storage.

The overall goal laid down in the official release of the Dairy Association Of China was exclusively for the development of the cheese industry.

Following are the few points that are worth highlighting from the official release of the Dairy Association of China:

  1. Cheese Production: By 2025, the national cheese production will exceed 500,000 tons. This will lead to the development of the cheese container. The plastic pack will also be altered by the year 2025! The IML technology will produce IML rigid packaing with the help of the IML process. The entire diary food packaging will get a tremendous boost.
  2. Cheese Retail Market: In terms of value, the cheese market (retail) will be valued at more than 30 billion Yuan. This will impliedly increase the demand for IML process cheese containers. The IML rigid packaing, plastic packs, and dairy food packaging will also encounter tremendous growth.
  3. New Players: Due to the sharp increase estimated depicted by the China Dairy Association, many new entrants are expected in the dairy industry. Even IML process and IML rigid packaing are expecting an upward surge in their cheese container and plastic pack requirements. Dairy food packaging is seeing very positive growth not only in China but across the world!
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