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Yogurt – History & Benefits!



Yogurt does not require any kind of introduction. Across the world, Yogurt is the most lovable dairy product. And officially, it has been announced that Yogurt Is The State Snack Of New York!

Yogurt is prepared by the milk fermentation process. Bacteria produce lactic acid that reacts with milk protein and gives yogurt.

History Of Yogurt:

• It is believed that yogurt was invented in Mesopotamia around 5000 BC.

• Indian records show that the mixture of honey and yogurt is the food of god.

• Ancient Greece included Oxygala as a dairy product, which is yogurt in today’s day.

• Until 1900, yogurt was a staple food in the Russian Empire.

But in earlier days, there were no IML PP Yogurt Cups wherein all the safety and hygiene measures are taken care of!

Including yogurt assures that your diet is 100% complete. It is one of the healthiest foods that are available at a cheap rate. Hence, across the world, its consumption is increased. Not only its quality but also its packaging got importance. After the pandemic, it has become a global trend to eat healthy foods. Hence, the In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology has an upper hand. Traditionally, all the yogurt cups had less shelf life, but IML PP Yogurt Cup (In-Mold Labeling Poly Propylene Yogurt Cup) got absolute acceptance.

The frequency of eating yogurt has increased across the world. This has not only increased its demand but also the quality of IML PP yogurt cup packaging!

IML PP yogurt cup packaging is manufactured by blending the pre-printed decorative label with the PP container thus making it one product.

The importance of this IML PP yogurt cup packaging is – all the ingredients and their health benefits – can be printed in detail. Health-conscious consumers prefer such containers.

The functional labeled food system and specific health food system promote Functional innovation of yogurt. Most of the major illness like Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Neutral Fat, is in control if you consume functional yogurt.

After Covid-19 eating healthy foods has become a new normal. And, looking at all the benefits of eating Yogurt, which is available in an impeccable IML PP yogurt cup has helped in increasing its sale. Attractive and vibrant colored IML PP yogurt cup packaging makes plain yogurt a new normal for a large-sized family!

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