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Old Is Gold – Traditional Food Helps In Creating New Sales!



The entire globe is debating two types of food categories – Traditional Foods Habits V/s Modern Food Habits. Hence, a new food-eating culture is born. Traditional food habits are related to positive health.

If traditional food items are served with modern packaging mentioning their health benefits – what will be its effect on the market? For example, if In-Mold Labeling technology (IML Packaging) is used to pack traditional foods it will surely give the dual benefit. Not only sales will increase but the consumers will get nutritious traditional food as well!

How Traditional Food Items Will Help Increasing The Sales?

• Using IML Packaging will not only help the consumers to understand the health benefits of the product but also they can compare the product with any modern food item.

• A plastic rigid packing container can have decorative and innovative packaging with the help of IML packaging technology. The label is infused with the packaging material in the mold itself, and the superior quality plastic rigid packing container can be formed.

• The IML packaging can start a revolution in the case of plastic rigid packaging containers. Innovative packaging with different color combinations with traditional food contents will definitely enhance the sales.

• The new generation will get maximum health benefits from traditional food items. With the help of excelling IML packaging, the consumers can read all these benefits on the label itself before purchasing the product. A designer’s artistic creation with innovative packaging with the help of IML packaging technology conveys an impeccable message to the consumers.


This new marketing scenario – selling traditional food items with the help of IML packaging technology, in a sturdy plastic rigid packing container with innovative packaging blended with vibrant colors and attractive labels – will give a very positive growth to the sales. The important factor here is all types of food companies should change their marketing and packaging style.

To capitalize on this latest trend in the market, the manufacturers and producers in the food industry should:

• Incorporate superior quality traditional food items in a plastic rigid packing container.

• Shift from old container manufacturing method to the latest IML packaging technology. This will assure an increased shelf life of the product.

• Use innovative packaging methods by using perfect vibrant colored labels and infuse the same in the plastic rigid packing container with the help of IML packaging!

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