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IML Technology Plays Important Role In Cream Package, Butter Package, Cheese Package, And Sour Cream Package!



What Exactly Is Sour Cream?

A Sour Cream is one of the best dairy products acquired by fermenting regular cream. Certain types of Lactic acid bacteria are blended in regular cream. The bacterial fermentation produces Lactic Acid, and hence it is called souring or Soured Cream.

Why Is It Necessary To Have The Best Quality Sour Cream Package?

Sour cream package plays a vital role in keeping the ingredient fresh. But, any type of packaging is not very useful. It requires In-Mold Labeling packaging to keep the contents fresh. As this cream is obtained by the fermentation process, the sour cream package should be of very superior quality.

Why IML Technology Is Used To Manufacture Sour Cream Package?

The year 2020 was started with good news for various Cream, Butter, and Cheese Companies. The entire market showed a considerable amount of growth. Most of the companies showed record sales in the year 2020! This includes sour cream as well because of its better packaging quality.

Most of the companies opted for IML packaging for their Sour Cream Package.

• The sour cream package manufactured with IML technology enhances the lead time of cream freshness for a longer time.

• Better hygiene was maintained by using a sour cream package with the help of IML technology.

• Sour cream package is highly cost-effective.

• The entire process of manufacturing sour cream packages is eco-friendly.

As per the latest news, Lactalis will be acquiring kraft Heinz natural cheese business and Groupe Bel’s Royal Bel Leerdammer, Bel Italia, Bel Deutschland, and Bel Shostka, Ukraine. This will benefit Lactails as the combined turnover of all the acquired companies is approximately $2.5billion. Without any ambiguity, Lactalis ranking in the next year will be climbing up the ladder.

Almost all the companies are using In-Mold Labeling technology to manufacture their product packaging. The sour cream package especially is done with the help of IML technology. Not only does the Sour cream package increases the shelf life of the contents, is highly attractive, and stands out but also very cost-effective and incorporates lots of details on the label print.

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