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Why Yoghurt Ice Cream IML Cups Enhance Shelf Life Of Yogurt Ice Cream?



Do you know that almost all frozen food sales are restricted by seasonal factors? Some of the factors affecting the quality of frozen foods are:




The temperature of the freezer

Ice Crystals

Moisture evaporation

Packaging Materials

Why Does Yoghurt Ice Cream IML Cups Play A Vital Role In Preserving Nutritive Value Of Yoghurt Ice Cream?

Yogurt ice cream is one of the delicious healthy innovations and has advantages beyond comparison. Yogurt is the main ingredient of this delicious ice cream. It gives the ice cream a buttery texture blended with absolute nutritional value. Also, it increases its taste.

The advantages of neatly designed yogurt ice cream IML cups are:

• It acts as a moisture & vapor resistant/proof

• The ice cream IML cups are manufactured with food-grade material.

• These ice cream IML cups are resistant to grease, water, and oil.

• Guards the contents i.e. yogurt ice cream from outside foul smell and flavors.

• Yoghurt ice cream IML cups are very easy to store, mark, fill, and seal

• One of the best advantages of Yoghurt Ice Cream IML Cups is – it does not become stiff and does not break at lower temperatures.


Yogurt ice cream packed in the yogurt ice cream IML cups assures keeping the ice cream taste fresh. Yogurt ice cream cannot be termed as a season food item as yogurt is available throughout the year. This product, if manufactured and packed in the hygienic yogurt ice cream IML cups can not only increase the corporate annual turnover but also is positioned as one of the most healthy and delicious snacks. A detailed label with its nutritive value can be blended with the yogurt ice cream IML cups with the help In-Mold Label technology.

When you compare yogurt ice cream with eggs – the calories and protein contents can easily boost your metabolism. Neatly manufactured yogurt ice cream IML cups can keep the contents afresh for a longer time and fuel your body. It can be an excellent post-workout snack or serve as a stomach

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