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Role Of IML Packaging Containers In China’s Baby Complimentary Market!



The year 2019 has seen lots of ups and downs in almost all industries. Mostly, it has witnessed the downfall of many industries due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This situation was not only in China but across the world.

The scenario concerning the infant supplementary food sales market in China has also seen astonishing change. Ironically baby food package industry has seen considerable growth because most of the top baby complimentary food brands opted for IML packaging containers.

The first TOP three E-Commerce Infant Supplementary Food brands Are:

• Garbo (US) – 38.59 million

• Heinz (US) – 29.12 million

• Little Freddie (US) – 16.18 million

The point to be noted here is, all these brands are non-Chinese.

It means that China Baby Food Complementary market is ruled by imported brands. Why?

One of the reasons is the Baby Food Package and the use of IML Packaging Container Technology.

  • No doubt these containers increased the shelf-life of the baby food items but also gave an alluring look.
  • The baby food package was manufactured by the topmost IML packaging container manufacturers.
  • During the manufacturing stage of IML packaging container and baby food packages; the label is infused in the mold thus forming an integral part of the Baby Food Package.
  • Not only all the details can be printed on the label without deteriorating its look but providing maximum information about the baby-food product.

With the top three brands in the baby complementary market is ruled by foreign brands, even the domestic brands are getting attracted towards infant supplementary food items.

The main question is – How to compete with these international giants?

• Change Baby Food Package – Yes, the local manufacturers should choose IML packaging containers for their infant food items. Not only they can compete locally, but also their product can get that international touch.

• Reduce Baby Food Package Cost – Once the domestic manufacturers opt for IML packaging containers, their production cost drastically decreases as the cost per piece is reduced considerably due to IML packaging containers technology.


It is not very easy to find these international brands in China – especially by local baby food manufacturers. But to begin with – Why not try the above-mentioned facts and use IML packaging containers technology? In due course of time, you can surely see the difference when you change the baby food package!

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