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Vietnam Is Experiencing Increase In Sugar, IML Manufactured Cups, & Biscuit Cups!



In-Mold Labeling technology is one of the most advanced technologies that is used to manufacture milk tea cups, biscuit cups, and various other containers in the food and beverage industry.

It is a universal truth that the younger generation in China relishes drinking milk tea in the specialized IML manufactured milk tea cups. Milk tea cups and biscuit cups are available in various sizes – 700ml cup, 24oz cup, etc. as per the requirement of consumers’.

And, slowly milk tea and Chinese biscuits are gaining high popularity in other countries than China!

One of the countries worth mentioning is Vietnam, Because of the increase in milk tea, and Chinese biscuits, the demand for biscuit cups, milk tea cups, 700ml cups, and 240oz cups has increased considerably. And astonishingly even the demand is sugar is seeing consistent growth. One of the major reasons is Vietnamese people prefer an extra sweet taste. Hence milk tea is added with additional sugar. Also, Chinese biscuits get extra sugar and are considered to be one of the major ingredients during its preparation stage. Especially the Yunnanian population prefers extra sugar and hence it is added in Chinese Milk tea and Chinese biscuits.

As a result, China made PP milk tea cups, biscuit cups are in very high demand in Vietnam. Vietnamese prefer 700ml cups, 500ml cups, 24oz cups as their regular intake size. Not only the milk tea cups are the preferred packing containers but they can be packed in Barista PP cups as well! The barista cup is the preferred packaging container and gets very fast consumer attention on the store shelf.

Also, Chinese biscuits have altered their biscuit cup from the original tin can to IML manufactured PP biscuit boxes. In this case, the preferred size is 3 liters.

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