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Wonderlab Can Keep All The Health Benefits Intact If PP Injection IML Drink Cups Are Used For Their Functional Beverages!



Why Using PP Injection IML Drink Cups Will Benefit Wonderlab?

As China is showing very positive economic development so is the Chinese population’s standard of living. And, as their disposable income is more in the hand, most of the Chinese population is giving importance to health consciousness and fitness by consuming functional beverages and energy food. Unlike Wonderlab, most of the brands use PP Injection IML Packaging containers for their Ice Cream Cups, Snacks Containers, Drink Cups, and Dairy Food Containers which are not only alluring but also increase the shelf life of the products.

What Exactly Are Functional Beverages?

Functional Beverages means all non-alcoholic drinks that contain minerals, amino acids, vitamins, dietary fibers, probiotics, added raw fruits, etc. Functional drinks benefit various vital organs like the gastrointestinal tract, joints, heart, and enhance immunity.

Hence, most of the Chinese population is getting attracted to functional beverages. And, one such brand that has taken the beverage market by storm is Wonderlab. This is a Chinese brand. Their main product line is Meal Replacement Milkshake. One milkshake a day provides sufficient energy required for the day. Their milkshake is packed in PET Blown Molded Bottles (Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic Resin Bottles). This can surely give their customers, additional convenience as compared to traditional packed ice cream cups, PP packed drink cups, PP packed snacks containers, yogurt in PP cups.

Our forte is to manufacture PP Injection IML Cups. When compared with traditional containers like yogurt cups, snacks containers, ice cream, cups, drink cups, or dairy cups, PP injection IML cups have innumerable additional benefits. Not only the contents i.e. Wonderlab’s meal replacement milkshake will get additional shelf life but also a very attractive look to the containers. All the ingredients and their calories values can be impeccably mentioned on the PP injection IML cups label and increase consumers’ confidence level.

Hence, we recommend Wonderlab to use our PP Injection IML Cups for their products. We also have expertise in manufacturing drink cups, yogurt cups, and snacks containers with IML technology.


In-Mold Labeling technology means – Infusing labels with the container during its manufacturing stage with the help of controlled temperature and pressure. This is possible by three different methods:

• Injection Molding

• Blow Molding

• Thermoforming

We sincerely recommend Wonderlab to use our PP injection IML – drink cups, yogurt cups, ice cream cups, snacks container, and their highly acclaimed product Meal Replacement Milkshake and avail all the benefits.

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