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Everything You Want To Know About Plant-Based Yogurt & Plant Yogurt Cups!



What Exactly Is Plant-Based Yogurt & Plant Yogurt Cups?

Various types of yogurts that are made using Rice Milk, Soy milk, Nut Milk (Almond, Coconut) fermented with cultures are termed as Plant-Based Yogurts! People allergic to lactose prefer to use plant-based yogurts.

Plant-based yogurts contain ingredients and nutrition different from regular yogurt-like gums, high-intensity sweeteners, artificial colors, and stabilizers. And, most of this yogurt is served in Plant Yogurt Cups. These plant yogurt cups are manufactured with In-Mold Labeling technology, similar to coffee cups, yogurt cups, and various types of dairy cups.

Why Most International Coffee Brands Are Launching Plant Milk Products?

In-Mold Labeling (IML) technology is widely used to manufacture dairy cups, yogurt cups, coffee cups, and now, plant yogurt cups.! To give an example, the highly acclaimed brand Saturnbird! Its existing main product line-up is – Tea Powder, Coffee Powder in 1-gram, 2-gram, and 3-gram packets. All these packagings are manufactured with the help of recyclable PP injection cups similar to coffee cups, dairy cups, and yogurt cups. The shelf life of plant yogurt is enhanced when it is packed in plant yogurt cups.

Saturnbird has seen one consumer group, which is showing a very high inclination towards plant-based production – especially in the Chinese market.

One more example is the well-known Nongfu Spring brand. Earlier, this company launched plant-based yogurt in highly attractive and sturdy IML PP cups (same as dairy cups, coffee cups, and regular yogurt cups).

Is In-Mold Labeling Technology Useful To Manufacture Plant Yogurt Cups?

Yes! The beauty of IML Technology is not only you can manufacture coffee cups, yogurt cups, dairy cups, ice cream cups but also plant yogurt cups as well!

The best example is Saturnbird – the coffee brand is ready to launch plant-based drinks. And the studies have proved that plant-based yogurt and drink get extended shelf in IML PP cups along with an impeccable and alluring look.


IML technology is widely used across the world to manufacture coffee cups, yogurt cups, dairy cups, ice cream cups, and plant yogurt cups also. The nutrition value does not deteriorate because of this technology and most importantly – hygiene is maintained.

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