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The Art Of Drinking Tea With IML Technology – Xia Guan Tea!



How IML Technology Will Be The Best Option To For Dried Tea Cups, White Spirit Cups, PP Cups, & Moon Cake Cups?

Xiao Guan Tea is teaching not only to China but the entire world – the art of drinking tea! Tea is one of the oldest and widely loved beverages. And, it is said that the origin of tea is from China.

Why Xiao Guan Tea is considered to be “The Tea Of China-Moutai”?

China’s national wine is Moutai. It is a style of Baijiu – Chinas favorite spirit created in Maotia – China’s Guizhou province. Earlier, it is believed that Moutai was served in earthen pots. It is obvious as there was no In-Mold Label technology to produce PP cups, White Spirit Cups, Dried Tea Cups, Moon cake cups, etc.

Being a national wine – a small pot of tea is considered to be the Moutai of China’s tea. The recent news confirms that eight tea masters have joined hands! With this super conglomeration, the plan is to produce six major teas. And naturally, they will require the superior quality of containers for their dried tea cups, moon cake cups, PP cups, and white spirit cups.

With this super amalgamation, like-minded innovation thinking will meet master workmanship. This will lay down the foundation stone for reinventing a new milestone for Chinese tea in the coming future. And, our futuristic IML technology will be the best option for Xia Guan Tea. They can use our small cans of tea, dried tea cups, white spirit cups, and PP cups for their tea revolution. Not only are our containers hygienic but also very attractive. We have proved our technology superiority by manufacturing Mooncake boxes, which were manufactured for mooncake brands. (Moon cake is the very small pastry containing meat and various other ingredients that are associated with the Chinese Harvest Festival) This kind of latest introduction is very elegant and generous.

We are optimistic. Hence we believe that in the coming future, our IML technology will be helpful for the Mautai i.e. liquor. We can easily manufacture PP cups, white spirit cups, moon cake cups, and PP cups, and the design will be as per Xiao Guan Tea’s choice! We also believe that similar to Moutai, it will be China’s first brand PP Cup Manufacturer!

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