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Why do Margarine Packaging, Food Packaging, IML Ice Cream Container, IML Margarine Containers, Butter Container Etc., Prefer In-Mold Label Technology?



If you try to locate different types of food items on the shelf of any hyper store, you will get a choice of numerous brands. You might need clarification when choosing ice cream, butter, or margarine. But In-Mold Labeling technology plays a vital role in differentiating the sub-standard brands from the best types. The IML ice cream container, IML margarine container, butter container, and various other food packaging and margarine packaging gives exclusivity to your products.

What Is The Importance Of Food Packaging Manufactured By Honokage?

  1. Growth Of Harmful Microbes: With improper packaging, there will be instant growth in harmful pathogens & enhance bacteria breeding. Honokage’s forte is to produce clean food packaging containers and margarine packaging of different sizes per their consumers’ requirements. Honokage is highly experienced in supplying all IML ice cream containers, butter containers, and IML margarine containers.
  2. Additional Protection: Honokage makes absolute use of the latest in-mold labeling technology. This extends additional protection to the food contents against external factors like oxygen in the air. Also, all types of Margarine Packaging, Food Packaging, IML Ice Cream containers, IML Margarine containers, and Butter containers are protected against outside light, moisture, and harmful pathogens.
  3. Extends Shelf-Life Of The Product: The IML Labeling Technology used by Honokage further prevents food decomposition and harmful container reactions. This raises the shelf life of the product. You can easily see the quality difference between the Margarine Packaging, Food Packaging, IML Ice Cream Containers, IML Margarine Container, and Butter Container manufactured by Honokage and other traditional container manufacturers.
  4. Dust-Free Work Place: The specialty of Honokage is providing their customers with the best Food Packaging, Margarine Packaging, IML Ice Cream Container, Butter Container, and IML Margarine Containers in a 100% dust-free hygienic environment. This offers the ideal type of packaging boxes blended with utmost safety.
  5. High-Class Polypropylene (PP): Honokage uses 100% food-safe PP Food Packaging, Margarine Packaging to manufacture IML Ice Cream Container, Butter Container, and IML Margarine Containers! All the raw material and PP is passed through various QC test before commencing the manufacturing process.
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