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Choose IML PP Plastic Container, PP Ice Cream Container, Or Cup Ice Cream Containers Produced By In-Mold Label Technology!



When designing unique and exquisite ice cream packaging, always think of a long-term basis. Your ice cream packaging should be a reminder media in the mind of the customers. They should pick up your brand at first glance at the ice cream container. Hence it is advised to opt for the futuristic IML PP plastic container or PP ice cream container. Use in-mold labeling technology to procure IML PP plastic containers or cup ice cream directly from the food packaging factory.

  1. Desired Shape: After preparation, ice cream is put into various sizes and forms containers. Hence, the design of the containers should be convenient for storage, transportation, and ice cream hardening. Today, the food packaging factory uses IML PP plastic containers, PP ice cream containers, or cup ice cream manufactured with the help of IML technology.
  2. Widely Used Sizes: The most popular IML PP plastic containers, cup ice cream containers, and PP ice cream containers used in the food packaging factory are manufactured using futuristic In Mold Labeling Technology. One of the main reasons for using this technology is you can get different sizes as per your choice as under:
  • Small 3.5-ounce PP ice cream containers/cup ice cream containers
  • Large 14 ounces, 16 ounces, and 32-ounce IML plastic containers / PP ice cream containers/cup ice cream containers manufactured in a hi-tech food packaging factory

It is desirable from your side to choose the correct type of your requirement. This will increase your customer base and take your branding to the next level.


In-Mold Labeling is the most advanced ice cream cup manufacturing technology used by food packaging factory to manufacture IML PP plastic containers, cup ice cream containers, and PP ice cream containers! You are responsible for choosing the best IML manufacturer among the available options.

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