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5 Fruits Enhance Their Taste After Freezing When Packaged In Juice Plastic Cups, Ice Cream Containers, Drinking Cups, Salad Sauce Pots, & Ice Cream Tubs!



It is a universal truth that ice cream is known as one of the magic tools for relieving the summer heat. But, if ice cream is filled with additives and essence during its manufacturing process, it loses its nutritional value.

The list of frozen fruits, when packed in juice plastic cups, ice cream tubs, salad sauce pots, drinking cups, and ice cream containers, enhance their taste after freezing:

  1. Frozen Strawberries: Yes, frozen strawberries not only lock water but also enhance the taste. The skin of strawberries is gentle and does not get affected by storage. Hence, they seldom reduce their flavor when stored in juice plastic cups, ice cream tubs, and ice cream containers. If they are frozen in salad sauce pots or regular drinking cups, they will positively enhance the taste.
  2. Frozen Litchi: The USP of frozen litchi is that it increases the taste after freezing and reduces the heat. Studies have proved that frozen litchi packed in ice cream containers (along with flavored ice cream), drinking cups, salad sauce pots, and juice plastic cups enhance their taste.
  3. Frozen Plum: After freezing in juice plastic cups, or stored in ice cream containers, ice cream tubs, drinking cups, and salad sauce pots enhances its taste and also locks water.
  4. Frozen Yellow Peel Fruit: The prized fruit of Guangdong is sour and sweet in taste. It enhances stomach building and digestion. When the yellow peel fruit is frozen in a juice plastic cup or drinking cup and salad sauce pot, it adds plenty of juice.
  5. Frozen Durian: Also termed ‘The King Of Fruit,’ has a very high nutritional value. It has a very different kind of aroma. But frozen in juice plastic cups, drinking cups, and salad sauce pots reduces its pungent smell. Durian fruit tastes like cheese. Stored in ice cream containers, ice cream tubs, and drinking cups – frozen Durian enhances its tastes!
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