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Do You Want To Know The Reality Of Chinese Yogurt?



Before understanding the reality of Chinese yogurt, let us get familiar with some basic terms related to yogurt and yogurt cups

• Probiotics – These are live microorganisms, especially found in fermented food and yogurt, having health benefits when consumed.

The best strains of Hansen –Strain BB-12, Jane Eyre LGG probiotics in naked yogurt are sourced from Chr. Hansen.

Here, the yogurt cups play a vital role. Most of the yogurt cups are created with IML technology and get in-mold labeled containers for their yogurt. Also, high end yogurt cups can be used as low-temperature yogurt cups effectively. Mengniu Dairy has a very top-end brand called Mengniu Yogurt that is served in high end yogurt cups and can effectively be called low-temperature yogurt cups as they do not get damaged at low temperatures.

The yogurt cups of Mengniu yogur thave In mold labeled containers as their high end yogurt cups. They also are very durable.

In the year 2020, Yeli created a similar type of probiotic with exclusive intellectual rights called Bifidobacterium Lactis BL-99.

In October 2021 Beijing Yuehuo Catering Management Company Limited (an associate of Bluegrass Yogurt) was proved to be guilty of breaking Article 28 (paragraph 2(4))of the Advertising Law. They were fined 60,000 yuan by the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Bureau under the clause – The Act Of Fictitiously Using Products Or Accepting false Advertisements For Service Effects!

In the year 2010, Danone Group was found guilty by the local authorities for promoting its yogurt in the wrong manner. Their claim was “Prevent Cold & Help Digestion”, which was not accepted. They paid the penalty of $21 million as compensation and removed the advertisement.

The Japanese yogurt brands Meiji and Morinaga are the best concerning strain developments.

The main reasons are:-

• The eating habits of Japanese

• Maximum understanding of the benefits of Functional Yogurt

Hence, it is possible to segregate each strain and develop a new type of yogurt. And, the advantage of each strain can be used as the USP (unique selling point) to promote the yogurt.

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