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Technology Has Amazingly Penetrated Every Corner Of The Food And Beverage Industry!



Is it correct to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has induced some better habits in the entire human race?

Well, the answer is Yes’!

An optimistic person will surely try to find positivity in anything and everything. This pandemic has made us aware of the importance of hygiene. Some additional habits we have caught in this period are – washing hands, wearing masks, using sanitizers, etc.,

And, even technology is galloping towards giving highly hygienic products, especially in the processed food and dairy industry. Most of the Yogurt Cup manufacturers are enhancing not only their product superiority but also their PP cup containers, Ice cream containers, Butter containers, Biscuit containers, and much more.

Some points, which technology is accounting for are:

• Quality Products: The entire manufacturing process of the products is focused on superior quality blended with nutrition and hygiene.

• Logistic Support: The pandemic has induced almost all corporates to operate on clean, sanitized, and hygienic supply chain management. The distribution channels use modern checks and quality control to maintain the standard hygiene of the product.

• Workers Health Standards: Before commencing the daily-work every staff is passed through the sanitization process. Even the body temperature is recorded twice a day.

• Sanitized Malls & Grocery Shops: Not only the entire malls are sanitized periodically in a day, but the customers’ temperature is also confirmed before admitting to the mall.

The above-mentioned is not the final list, but many more checks are involved till the products reach the end-users, depending on the industry type. And, due to the increase in this health-consciousness awareness amongst the customers, it has given birth to two important questions:

1. What Are The Excellent Sources Of Superior Quality Protein?

• Protein-Rich Products: People across the world are opting for protein enhanced products. Even products like yogurt, ice cream, butter, and biscuit are purchased by customers that are rich in protein.

2. How To Make The Products Tastier?

• Quality Outsource: All the raw material and ingredients required to opt from the reputed suppliers. All those suppliers are preferred who adhere to all the hygiene checks before delivering their material.

Now, that the raw-material is outsourced from the superior quality supplier and the product prepared is also protein-rich, what about its shelf-life and container hygiene? It has been observed that containers manufactured under the In-Mold Labeling (IML) process not only enhance the product shelf life but also maintain excellent product-hygiene. Not only big brands in the food processing industry opt for the IML technology but also various medium and small manufacturers opt for Yogurt Cup Containers, Butter Containers, Biscuit Containers, Ice Cream Containers choose this futuristic technology for the betterment of the products. IML containers are an excellent source to maintain the freshness of the product and their protein content.


To offer the product enhancement, after this deadly pandemic – it is advised to focus more on the product manufacturing technology and their packaging containers. When the customers see superior quality packaging containers, especially IML packaging containers, their confidence level is elevated instantly.

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