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Is Your Food Packaging Design Geared Up For Participating In The Marking Awards 2021?



Yes, It Is Official!

MA2021 Global Food Packaging Design Competition Is Officially Kicked Off!

You can directly register your entry for the Marking Awards (MA), which is a Packaging Design Competition! These awards give an upper hand to those products with precision in design and quality. Hence, all the manufacturers who have opted for the In-Mold Labeling (IML Technology) for their product containers have a cutting edge of winning this prestigious award – over others! Most of the producers from the chocolate and milk industries can participate with their latest IML Chocolate Packaging or Milk Packaging containers. Packaging Design plays a vital role in winning this competition. If you have still not chosen the IML technology – Just Go For It – and get your plastic packaging done with this futuristic technology – & Win The Award!

What Exactly Is The MA2021 Global Food Packaging Design Competition About?

· These awards were initiated in the year 2016 by the Global Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF), located in Shanghai, China. The important fact is, the entire awards are based on FBIF’s Industry Accumulation, but open to the rest of the world.

· The main focus of this competition is directly concentrated on the Food and Beverage Industry with their product’s container-design!

· All the international (and national) forces are studied in depth to honor the exceptional food packaging design.

What Are The Main Criteria’s That Decide “Who Is The Winner”?

· The entire focus is given on the aesthetics and the commercial dual value of packaging. All the minute details are studied like the message on the label that is blended with the container, along with its color combination.

· If the detailing of the product contents is precise – with absolute clarity – then the chances of winning the competition are very high! Hence, most of the plastic packaging manufacturers, like milk packaging, chocolate packaging is fully concentrating on their packaging design, which is manufactured by IML technology.

· A wide-ranging evaluation process is adopted with numerous scoring criteria’ that offer various scoring scopes.

· It also checks how the encouragement of international and local design forces is encouraged.

· Some of the other factors that decide the winner are:

Packaging Innovation Speed

Function Optimization

Aesthetic Recognition of food brands

Innovative compassionate packaging



If your packaging container wants to be the winner – just go ahead and embrace the latest In-Mold Labeling Technology for your plastic packaging and packaging design! Time is the virtue – Do Not Waste Your Time!

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