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What Is Powering Consumer Decisions With Dairy?



Not very long – just a year ago – did you ever think that your life will be drastically altered due to Covid-19? The year 2020-21 has witnessed and continues to witness a huge number of deaths, lockdowns, viruses, mutant viruses, and what not? The entire aspect and attitude are altered due to this deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

But, there is the silver lining that is seen in the form of vaccines and keeping us optimistic.

Major studies were undertaken by the Research and Insights Team at DFW to fathom the effects of this Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of the consumer and their behavioral approach towards the outside world – especially as a purchaser. And, these results were astonishing! Most of the industries, especially our dairy and F&B industry are highly affected. Not in a negative manner, but positively provided some revolutionary changes are adopted in the current manufacturing process.

The first and most important finding is:

• Home Meal Enhances Nutrition: The studies confirmed that around 47% of the people preparing their meals at home remain twice as high as they were pre-Covid 19!

This major study has made all the manufacturers, especially in the dairy market to concentrate on the health and hygiene factors of the products and their containers. Yes, not only the product should be of high nutrition value but also the containers they are stored in should be germ-free.

Most of the yogurt container manufacturer in the dairy market has started using In-Mold Labeling (IML) Technology to manufacturer their yogurt containers. This technology has proved to offer very hygienic and germ-free containers. Various types of containers like Yogurt containers, Butter containers, Ice cream containers, etc. have shifted from their traditional containers to IML manufactured containers. Small and big yogurt container manufacturers prefer to use IML containers as the shelf life of their products increases.

The main aim of the shoppers today is to offer products to their consumers that are blended with all-inclusive complete nutrition and hygiene. This Covid-19 pandemic has induced the importance of those food and beverage products that offer complete health and nutrition value. And hence dairy products have an edge over the rest of the industries.

If this change is adopted – offer nutrition product with germ-free containers manufactured with IML Technology – can positively help your business grow; post Covid-19!

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