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This Is A Sugar-Free Epoch!



Are you aware that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire human-race for all their basic norms of cleanliness and health-consciousness? One of the highly trending eras of “Sugar-Free Products” is picking up a rapid pace. Hence, a sugar-free ingredient has become a basic requirement that is directly linked to immunity. Over-eating of sugar products is highly risky and encounters various types of cardiovascular diseases, type 2- diabetes, and obesity. Most of the large brand suppliers and big brands prefer those drinking cup suppliers who can minutely print their product-sugar-content.

Most food researchers are working towards finding the sugar alternative and innovative packaging techniques. Hence, the use of natural sweeteners as food ingredients and the use of IML packaging as product containers are being preferred by various business houses and large brand suppliers. Not only the physical characteristics of the sugar are to be maintained but also its taste should not be changed.

Which Large Brand Suppliers Are Concentrating On Their Sugar Contents And IML Packaging?

• Coca-Cola: There will be an absolute short supply of artificial sweeteners after Covid-19, as per Coca-Cola! The main reason is the consumers are giving more importance to their family health and also the short supply of the raw material from China. The main sugar alternative used in Coca-Cola is Acesulfame Potassium, Aspartame, Saccharin, Cyclamate, Sucralose, and Steviol Glycosides. Since June 2020, their sales have reached the bottom.

• Nestlé: This large brand supplier is working towards reformulating their sugar levels in their different types of confectioneries. They have already redesigned their packaging manufacture process and opted for IML packaging for almost all the products.

• Coke Zero: It hardly contains any sugar. But, its sugar alternative has debatable health effects. There is a risk of obesity because of these sugar alternatives. There is a direct tug-of-war between the weight management programs and artificially sweetened drinks.

Consumers are doing in-depth research on the terms like – Sugar-Free, Low Sugar, Zero Card, etc., due to the ever-growing importance of health awareness! Hence large brand suppliers and packaging manufacture cannot ignore their prospective consumers’ requirements.

What Is The Solution?

Brand Image:

• Healthy Product: Work towards increasing the brand image of their existing products and new launches.

• Superior Taste: Do not let your taste deteriorate while using any sugar alternative.

• Detailed Labeling: Yes, trust your drinking cup supplier or the plastic packaging manufacturer and opt for the IML packaging (like used by various large brand suppliers) and give the High Definition Label infused with your product container. IML Packaging will increase the quality of the label and reduce customer confusion regarding the product ingredients. It is also eco-friendly and 100% germ-free!

• Modern Marketing Strategy: Implement the latest marketing strategies that will take care of your product formula, taste, and competition.

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